CDK Nodes for KNIME (trusted extension)

About the Nodes

These nodes have been developed in collaboration with the KNIME group. The nodes provide basic cheminformatics functionality to deal with molecular compounds. If you have any questions, bug-reports or suggestions for new nodes, please let us know in the CDK KNIME forum.

The current stable and nightly builds for KNIME 3 are based on CDK 1.5.12.

About the CDK

The Chemistry Development Kit design originated from a meeting on September 27-29 2000. Over the years, the CDK library was developed and evolved into a fully blown open source and open development chemoinformatics package with code reaching from QSAR descriptor calculations to 2D and 3D model building. 

For further information, please see the CDK Wiki or join the active user base by subscribing to one of the CDK mailing lists.


Example workflows can be found on the public KNIME server under "community/cdk".

Source Code

The source code can be accessed at


The CDK extension is released under

LGPLv37.63 KB



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