Ilastik Integration


Ilastik - the interactive learning and segmentation toolkit


The KNIME Image Processing - Ilastik Integration allows to execute an Ilastik pixel classification project headless within KNIME.

Installation Instructions

You can install the KNIME Ilastik Integration from the stable community contributions update-site (see /wiki/install-knime-image-processing 2.2 how to activate it).

After installation In KNIME: Go to File -> Preferences -> KNIME -> Ilastik and enter the path of your Ilastik installation executable.

How to set up an Ilastik pixel classification project

See here on how to create an ilastik project for pixel classification. 

Please make sure all images used for training the classifier are copied to the project file.

Example Workflow

A simple example workflow, including an example ilastik pixel classification project can be found

here303.09 KB

. An example ilastik pixel classification project file can be found

here103.39 KB



Please make sure to apply the pixel classification project only on images with the same dimension as the images used to learn the classifier. Otherwise, an ilastik error may occour.


Christian Dietz, University of Konstanz


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