KNIME Image Processing - Clear Volume Integration

provided by MPI-CBG Dresden

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Interested in having a viewer for the TableCellView that can show 3D images or 4D images (3D + color channels) as beautiful volume renderings? If yes, this is your day!

ClearVolume is a volume renderer of this kind. Find further information here and/or here.

Fig. 1: ClearVolume is, after being installed, a tab in each TableCellView. This screenshot shows confocal microscopy data from adult fly brain. We thank Tzumin Lee's group at Janelia for being allowed to use their twin-spot MARCM (Yu et al., Nature Neuroscience, 2009) labeled neurons.

See ClearVolume in action here:


Currently, ClearVolume is only available with the Nightly Build of KNIME Image Processing*. Therefore you have to conduct the following steps to install ClearVolume:

1. Download and install KNIME from /downloads/overview (without extensions, just KNIME)
2. Add Nightly-Build Community Contributions Update-Site to KNIME: /community (see /wiki/install-knime-image-processing see step 2.2)
3. Install Clear Volume Integration

Please make sure that you have enough memory available. See: /faq#q4_2

* this will change with the next 1.3.0 release of KNIME Image Processing.


Do I need special hardware? Yes and no. Any computer with a graphics card capable of rendering OpenGL3.3 should be fine. If you encounter problems, please let us know... there are many setups out there and we can only test on the machines we have in our labs.

Do I want special hardware? Sure! With better graphics cards all will be smooth. If you have an NVIDIA card we strongly suggest installing CUDA drivers. As soon as we find CUDA support we use it and this will significantly increase rendering speed.


Florian Jug


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