KNIME Spring Summit 2016 – Berlin: A Summary

March 18, 2016


At the KNIME Spring Summit 2016 – Berlin, KNIME invited KNIME users and enthusiasts to meet together for a week of training courses, presentations and workshops. We were really happy to be able to welcome so many people to Berlin.

The Summit opened with a talk by Michael Berthold looking back at how the KNIME Spring Summit has grown from a small user group meeting to a much larger summit – and looking forward to how KNIME plans to advance to ensure even more flexibility, openness and ease of integration in KNIME Analytics Platform for 2016.

The agenda was packed with enlightening talks. We take this opportunity to thank our great line-up of speakers for their enthusiastic presentations. KNIME Software is being used for an impressive and ever growing range of applications: predictive maintenance, health monitoring, (fashion) retail, drug discovery, and newsletter optimization to name but a few of the highlights. Check out our speakers’ slides at

In the poster session, Phil Winters from KNIME used his special flair to introduce everyone to the people behind the Poster Spotlights, selected to exhibit their field of specialization at the Summit. Thank you to all the people who contributed.

The Summit Dinner in the restaurant next to the Glass Dome of the Reichstag Building offered spectacular views of the parliamentary and government district. We hope everyone enjoyed the Flying Buffet. On Thursday evening, the atmosphere was less formal and it was time for networking and an IPA beer-tasting.

On the last day of the Summit, we left the main conference hall to regroup into smaller sessions where attendees were able to choose from a wide range workshops from KNIME Big Data and our popular KNIME Server workshop to a great selection of external workshops, including Custom Model Assessment, Drug-Discovery with KNIME, High Content Screening Analytics, SeqAn and OpenMS and Image Processing.

In our feedback survey of the event, we asked attendees to sum up their impressions of the KNIME Spring Summit 2016 – Berlin in a short quotable sentence! Here are three of our favorites:

  • Diverse people from varying backgrounds sharing one tool came together for an open exchange of ideas.
  • A fascinating and inspiring experience.
  • I have been using KNIME for about 1.5 years already, but the summit has shown me, what amazing things are actually possible!

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