St Nicholas Day: KNIME Analytics Platform 3.1 and major product releases available

KNIME® Analytics Platform v3.1 is out now: a great leap forward in terms of its new interface design, compatibility with Eclipse 4.5 and Java 8. Read here for more information and find out why we release on December 6 every year again here.

KNIME® Personal Productivity v3.1 is now enhanced with WorkflowDiff facilitating productivity. A specialized algorithm conducts comparisons to identify and highlight any changes in the selected workflows.

KNIME® Spark Executor v1.3 extends the KNIME® Big Data Connectors v1.3 so that Spark applications can be run within KNIME Analytics Platform or KNIME Server. Check out the new node set for seamless data mining, scoring, statistics, data manipulation and data import & export on Spark within KNIME.

KNIME® Cloud Server v1.0: With this new server on demand, your analytics can be scaled as and when required. Share data, workflows and metanodes and run workflows remotely to free up local resources for other tasks.

KNIME® Server v4.2 augments KNIME's flagship collaboration product with new advanced job scheduling and enhanced RESTful support.

We wish you all a wonderful festive season and look forward to seeing you at our KNIME Spring Summit 2016 in Berlin. Read about it here!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at KNIME!

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