KNIME Analytics Platform 3.4 released

Something Sizzling for Summer:
KNIME Analytics Platform 3.4 Available Now  

There is something for everyone in the newest KNIME Analytics Platform: many more interactive visualizations, cloud connectivity, and scalable machine learning integrations via H20, plus support for both sound and voice. Another highlight are the productivity extensions, which are now also open source and help you use, compare, and reuse metanodes within KNIME workflows. There are also updates to KNIME Server and KNIME Big Data Extensions, among them support for Apache Spark 2.0.

For further details, check out the webpage summary or look at the detailed changelog.  The best way to check it out, though, is from within KNIME Analytics Platform itself.  Simply go to File > Update KNIME to get the latest version or alternately download and install from here.

Have a great summer KNIMEing and we look forward to your feedback.

The KNIME Team

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