KNIME a 2014 Leader in Advanced Analytic Platform: Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner, Inc. has placed KNIME among the “Leaders” in its Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytic Platforms in recognition of KNIME’s ability to execute and its completeness of vision. Gartner describes leaders as “vendors with a strong and proven track record in the market that are also likely to influence the market's broader growth and direction. Leaders are suitable vendors for most organizations to evaluate.”

This follows closely on KNIME attaining top scores in customer satisfaction, for the second year running, as reported in the Rexer Analytics 2013 survey of over 1250 data mining professionals. 
“Both these commendations prove that organizations benefit from a truly open platform. KNIME is the only vendor in the advanced analytic platform space committed to the basic principle that a modern analytics platform simply must be open source”, asserts Michael Berthold, CEO, KNIME AG. “At the same time, we are adding layers of extra functionality that enable commercial customers to run the pure open-source platform more efficiently and more productively.” 

KNIME owes its recent accolades to its users, now totalling over 3000 organizations operating its open-source platform and commercial extensions. “The list of well-known global enterprises that lined up to talk to Gartner about their achievements with KNIME is very impressive, not to mention the avid Rexer survey participants”, says Phil Winters, independent consultant and Board Member of KNIME. “Some vendors are continuing their strategies of locking customers into their proprietary walled gardens, while others are trying to bait-and-switch their open-source customers by changing license models midstream. There is no doubt that KNIME’s steadfast open-platform philosophy is causing a huge shakeup in this space.”

“In the end, the KNIME success story is about individuals – not organizations – who download and quickly start using KNIME as an open platform for innovation. These professionals are the ones driving both KNIME’s recognition and our commercial success”, continues Berthold. “We’re continuing to invest heavily in our product to provide these users with what they need to get up to speed fast. In the end, what really count are not the awards, the checklists, or the RFPs that we win, but the hearts and minds of the users. That’s another reason why we’re staying open source – it’s a strong, honest and transparent business model for everyone.”

For further information, contact KNIME at, or download KNIME and discover it for yourself. KNIME – open for innovation. 

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