Example Workflows

KNIME Analytics Platform now provides easy access to a collection of example workflows using the KNIME Explorer view.  This is the same place where you see your local workflows.


The Login option allows connecting to EXAMPLES hosted on the KNIME public workflow server using a fixed guest account. Simply click the Login command. If you have KNIME Server installed you can also connect to the public server. Use the following connection parameters:

Workflow Server: publicserver.knime.org

Username: guest

Password: guest

Once you are connected to the server you will see the workgroup directories of the server repository.


You can open the different workgroup directories and browse through the workflows or you can search for a specific workflow using the search box. Simply enter the ID (e.g. 002001) of the workflow you are interested in and press return.


The search filters out the appropriate workflow which can now be copied (right-click Copy) and pasted (right-click Paste) to your local workflow repository.



Check the meta information of the workflow. It contains useful background information for the flow and lists the required extensions that you need to install in KNIME in order to open and execute the workflow.

If you should have problems accessing the public server, for example, due to the firewall or proxy configuration of your network, you can also download all flows available on the public server as a zip-file.