Example Workflows

Jump start your analysis with the example workflows on the public EXAMPLES Server. The public EXAMPLES Server is a community version of KNIME Server, allowing read access to workflows to everyone. You can copy the workflows to the local workspace, modify them according to your use case, or copy parts of them to your workflow. The workflows on the EXAMPLES Server are also a useful resource to learn about different use cases in KNIME Analytics Platform.

To access the EXAMPLES Server:

  • Expand the EXAMPLES mount point in the KNIME Explorer

  • Next, double click to see the example workflows ordered by categories, as shown in Figure 1. No credentials are necessary.

04 examples server
Figure 1. Logging in to the public EXAMPLES Server


  • Some workflow groups are named after single operations, e.g. filtering

  • Some workflow groups have names that refer to broader topics, e.g. time series analysis

  • The "50_Applications" workflow group contains workflows that cover entire use cases like churn prediction or fraud detection

To download an example workflow:

  • Drag and drop

  • Or, copy and paste

the workflow into your LOCAL workspace. Double click the downloaded copy of the example workflow to open and edit it like any other workflow.

The EXAMPLES Server is also explained in the following video: