Developer Guide

This document introduces and covers the most important methods for programming within KNIME. A conventional JavaDoc is also available as a reference. Although not all methods are covered in this document, the most important ones are described elaborately, often with code snipplets and small examples. Additionally, we invite you to comment on this document (see the bottom of each page) and in this way help augment and enhance the available information as a community effort.

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  1. Eclipse Plugin Concept
  2. New Node Wizard
  3. NodeFactory
  4. NodeDialogPane
    1. loadSettingsFrom(NodeSettingsRO, DataTableSpec[])
    2. saveSettingsTo(NodeSettingsWO)
  5. Default Dialog Components
    1. Available Components
    2. Example Code Dialog
    3. Example Code Model
    4. Disabling Components
    5. SettingsModel Listener
    6. Tabs
    7. DialogComponents and NodeDialog
    8. Troubleshooting
  6. NodeModel
    1. configure(DataTableSpec[])
    2. execute(BufferedDataTable[], ExecutionContext
    3. loadInternals(File, ExecutionMonitor)
    4. loadValidatedSettingsFrom(NodeSettingsRO)
    5. notifyViews(Object)
    6. reset()
    7. saveInternals(File, ExecutionMonitor)
    8. saveSettingsTo(NodeSettingsWO)
    9. setWarningMessage(String)
    10. validateSettings(NodeSettingsRO)
  7. NodeView
    1. void modelChanged()
    2. void onClose()
    3. void onOpen()
    4. void setShowNODATALabel(boolean)
    5. void updateModel(Object)
  8. Testing
  9. Export a plug-in (node)