2019 Partner Program Update FAQ

If you're a partner or prospective partner with an active customer project for which KNIME may be a fit, please submit your leads here.


I am an existing partner; Is there any reason why I should sign the new partner agreement before the December 31, 2019 deadline?

In order to encourage partners to get this requirement out of the way early, we are also offering a set of benefits for those partners who sign the new partner agreement by June 30:

  • 1 free KNIME Certification exam
  • 25% discount on additional certifications 
  • Access to KNIME technical resources during sales cycle
  • KNIME assistance in vetting of technical candidates
  • Support for building a KNIME COE (center of excellence)
  • Participation in beta programs and roadmap briefings
  • Free online technical and sales training


What happens if I don’t sign the new agreement by December 31, 2019?

You risk not receiving commissions in 2020 if you have not signed the new agreement by December 31st.


If I am an existing partner and I sign the new agreement early, does it affect my commissions for 2019?



When will you announce what tier partners are in?

January 2020. Your partner manager will let you know where you currently stand tier-wise in your regular partner meeting and you have until January 1, 2020 to fulfill the requirements for your desired tier.  The announcement will come in the form of website updates that signal which tier a given partner is in.


What will happen to my existing agreement?

All existing partner agreements will be officially sunset on December 31, 2019.  Please sign the updated agreement at www.knime.com/partners/new before this date or you may be ineligible for commissions until you have signed the new agreement.  If you have trouble signing the new agreement or have another issue you would like us to address, please contact your partner manager or email partners@knime.com


Will new customer contracts fall under the old or new commission structure?

All new customers contracts will fall under the new commission structure starting January 1st, 2020. Any partners that have not signed the partner agreement by this date will need to sign the new partner agreement to receive any commissions or benefits from that point forward.


How will commissions be handled for the rest of 2019?

All partner opportunities that close in 2019 will be paid at the higher commission of the old program and the new program (if the agreement has been signed).  If a lead is accepted by KNIME in 2019 after March 19, 2019 and does not close in 2019, it will be paid out under the new partner commission structure at the level dictated by the partner’s tier and role (source, assist, support) when it closes.  


Will my commission be paid at the Tier I am in when I register the lead, when the contract is signed, or when the customer pays KNIME for the contract?

You will be paid the commission for the Tier you are in on the date when the customer pays us.


Will existing customer contracts fall under the old or new commission structure?

Renewals and upsells to existing contracts will fall under the old commission structure.


What if I assist, but do not source, the net new minimum for a tier?

You must source the net new minimum to be in the partner tiers described.


If a new deal signed pushes me into the next tier, how does that affect my commission?

You will be paid the higher tier’s commission rate for the portion of the deal that is over the tier threshold for that year.


What happens if I do not meet the requirements for a given tier any longer?

Tiers will be evaluated and set yearly in January. If you meet the requirements to be in the next year part way through the year, you can ask to be evaluated and given a next tier badge and website update.


If I source a deal in one calendar year that is scheduled to close in the next calendar year, in which year does that count towards my partner tier?

All deals count toward your tier in the calendar year in which they are Closed and Won.

What if I forgot to register my lead in the Lead Registration Form

Deal attribution is determined by the first lead registration in the lead registration form at www.knime.com/lead  and acceptance by KNIME account management as a New Lead. Failure to register a lead may result in loss of commission.


If I am not allowed to complete an online signature of the new partner agreement but I am interested, how do I sign up for the new program?

Please reach out to your partner manager or partners@knime.com if you don’t have one yet and we will be happy to send you an agreement for manual signature.


What if I am unhappy with the new program

We have done our best to provide a program that reflects the changing needs of our channel, however, we realize that we may not have accounted for every nuanced partner and customer relationship. Please reach out to partners@knime.com if we can help to work through a particular situation you may be facing. Our hope is that 100% of our existing partners who have helped to grow the KNIME ecosystem will come along with us for this next phase of growth. We would also be happy to take any feedback you have to improve the program.


What happens to my already registered leads and opportunities?

All already registered leads and opportunities will be taken into account for commission. If you are not sure whether one of your leads is registered or not please contact your partner manager.


If I am a new partner in 2020 and I just closed my first deal 150k deal that is sourced, assisted, and I provide support. What will my commission be? 

Your commission will be prorated through the tiers:

25% of the first €25k (€6,250)

35% of the next €75k (€26,250)

50% of the remaining €50k (€25k)


If I am in the standard tier, and I have closed 10k in 2020 so far, then I close another 100k deal of new revenues, what commission will I get on this second deal? 

25% of the €15K (€3,750) remaining in the Standard tier 

35% of the next €75K (€26,250) based on the Trusted tier

50% of the remaining €10k (€5k) based on the Elite tier


What’s my motivation to source deals in 2019? 

The more deals you source in 2019, the hire your tier will be for all of 2020 and therefore the higher your commission will be on both sourced and assisted deals. Your tier is set by what you source, but affects your commission pay out on both sourced and assisted deals. 


What happens if I source a deal in 2019 but it closes in 2020? 

Your tier is only impacted by the date the deal is closed won. Your commission is determined by the tier you are in when the deal closes and is not affected by the deal you are in the midst of closing. 


What if I am excited about the additional resources and support to grow my business?

Please let us know - it’s always nice to receive positive enforcement when we are on the right path. Please email partners@knime.com


What if I have a suggestion for the new program?

Please email partners@knime.com or tell your partner manager.


Registered Partners can log in here for access to the KNIME Partner Portal.

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