Superpowered Snowflake Data

Activate cloud data across the business

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Using Snowflake together with KNIME scales the impact your data has on the organization
KNIME allows a softer barrier of entry for members to access Snowflake data
With KNIME Server Shared Components, Data Engineers can abstract complicated database connection strings and offer them to other teams in the business
KNIME Server Data Apps can help abstract data pipeline processes to business end users

KNIME is a low-code/no-code, complete data science platform that enables anyone in the organization to access and make sense of data in Snowflake (and virtually anywhere else).

A Complete, End-to-End Platform for the Data Expert

KNIME can be used to access and combine data from Snowflake and any other data source, to then, ultimately, build and train models, and, finally, deploy them to a production environment.

Snowflake Data at your Fingertips

Using the Snowflake Connector node, it is possible for anyone in the organization to incorporate the KNIME Database framework to visually interact with their Snowflake data warehouses. With this, contributors with different skill-sets can utilize their cloud data in whichever form is most appropriate - using code, no-code, or a KNIME Server Data App.

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Next Steps

Install Integration

Follow this guide on how to work with Snowflake from within the KNIME Analytics Platform.

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Read Blog Post

Read in the following blog post about the journey from data loading and manipulation, to learning and deploying a customer churn prediction model and exposing the results as an interactive, browser based data app.Learn how to train a churn-prediction model and score it within Snowflake.

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View Example Workflow

Use these blueprints to connect to Snowflake from within KNIME Analytics Platform and build and deploy a churn prediction model.

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No Magic: Incremental Load of your SAP Data into KNIME

In this webinar, Theobald Software introduces Xtract Universal, which enables incremental delta loads from SAP data sources. It covers: how to access and load sales data from SAP tables, how to explore SAP data assets based on dynamic filtering, and how to analyze the data and generate insights - all using KNIME Analytics Platform.


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