Cloud Analytics with KNIME and Snowflake

Activate cloud data across the business

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Scale the impact your data has on the organization using Snowflake together with KNIME

  • Access Snowflake data easily and self-sufficiently using KNIME - with or without code

  • Share complicated database connections as reusable components with business teams

  • Deliver complex business processes as interactive data apps to provide timely insights

Cloud Data for All Skill Levels

Enable anyone in the organization - whether data experts, data analysts, business experts, scripters or non-scripters - to access and make sense of data in Snowflake, and virtually anywhere else, with KNIME’s low-code/no-code capabilities and dedicated nodes such as the Snowflake Connector node.

Get the choice to reach out to data in Snowflake via SQL queries or through a drag-and-drop interface without code. Package up workflows and share with others for reuse. Get your insights from simple dashboards or interactive data apps deployed by data experts.

A Complete, End-to-End Platform for the Data Expert

Get a single, end-to-end platform to access and combine data from Snowflake and any other data source, to then, ultimately, build and train models, and, finally, deploy them enterprise wide - without the hassle of switching between tools. Avoid the pains of fragmented solutions and disconnected technologies and save time with one platform taking you from start to finish.

Recommended Resources

Watch how SIEMENS Healthineers is using KNIME and Snowflake to create a scalable data-as-a-service offering.
Read how you can build a churn prediction model and share predictions via a data app with KNIME and Snowflake.

Next Steps

Install Integration

Follow this guide on how to work with Snowflake from within the KNIME Analytics Platform.

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View Example Workflow

Use these blueprints to connect to Snowflake from within KNIME Analytics Platform and build and deploy a churn prediction model.

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