KNIME Powered Partner

KNIME's open data analytic platform is ideal for use by other solutions since it can be closely coupled to, bundled with and called from those solutions.

KNIME delivers the most flexible and open platform for companies seeking to extend product functionality with an affordable application that runs anywhere, employs open standards and delivers leading data analytic functionality.

Here are a few reasons why so many companies are partnering with KNIME:

  • You Are in Control
    A KNIME Powered Partnership puts you in control. You set the price and terms for your product while KNIME helps power your solution.
  • Driving KNIME from Your Application or Solution
    KNIME provides a powerful web service API that can be used to interact and control every aspect of a KNIME workflow from an external application.  The wide range of functionality for getting data into KNIME, and getting results out in a variety of forms, makes KNIME ideal for supporting the way your application wants to interact.
  • Flexible Architecture that Runs Anywhere
    As an open source product, KNIME excels at playing nice with a variety of hardware and software platforms as well as different deployment options. So if your company is looking to deliver a solution on- site, on-demand or in the Cloud, KNIME will work for you.
  • Commercially Supported License
    KNIME commercial license delivers the protection and assurance you need to take your product to market.
  • Support from the KNIME Team
    As a KNIME Powered Partner, you receive support from the KNIME team  to help you learn how to make KNIME work for you and receive the support needed to make your products and customers a success.

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