KNIME Update Site

Download KNIME Features using the KNIME Update Site

Additional KNIME plug-ins can be obtained via the KNIME update site which contains additional nodes/functionality for the KNIME workbench:

Alternatively, the KNIME update sites can be downloaded as a zip file:

The KNIME Analytics Platform as well as all other KNIME products are linked automatically to the KNIME Update Site through the File menu via the "Install KNIME Extensions" command. We recommend using this command to access the KNIME Update Site.

If you are working in an environment with limited internet access, another option for installing KNIME extensions is available. To access this additional dialog use the File → Preferences → Install/Update → Available Software Sites command. This tool has a different interface that allows update sites to be manually specified. Clicking on "Add..." button will allow you to either manually specify the url of the KNIME Update Site or use the offline (.zip) version of the Update Site to customize your KNIME installation. Note: It is important not to unzip the archived KNIME Update Site file prior to specifying it as an update source for KNIME.

You may now select the features you want to install. Upon selecting each feature, you are provided with a short description. If you select a feature and receive an error message stating that the selected feature requires a certain other plugin as a dependency, click the "Select Required" button and it will attempt to auto-select all other dependencies for installation.

Clicking "Next" will take you to the license agreement. If you agree, click "Finish" to download and install the selected features.