Install Extensions and Integrations

If you want to add capabilities to KNIME Analytics Platform, you can install a variety of extensions and integrations. The available extensions range from free open source extensions and integrations provided by KNIME to open source extensions contributed by the community and extensions provided by our partners.

The KNIME extensions and integrations developed and maintained by KNIME contain deep learning algorithms provided by Keras, high performance machine learning provided by H2O, big data processing provided by Apache Spark, and scripting provided by Python and R, just to mention a few.

Install extensions by:

  • Clicking "File" on the menu bar and then "Install KNIME Extensions…​". 

Figure 1.  Installing Extensions and Integrations
Figure 1.  Installing Extensions and Integrations
  • Selecting the extensions you want to install

  • Clicking "Next" and following the instructions

  • Restarting KNIME Analytics Platform

The KNIME extensions and trusted community contributions are available per default via an URL to their update sites. Other extensions can be installed by first adding their update sites. To add an update site:

  • Navigate to "File" → "Preferences" → "Install/Update" → "Available Software Sites"

  • Click "Add…​"

  • And either add a new update site by providing a URL via the "Location" field

  • Or, by providing a file path to a zip file that contains a local update site, via "Archive…​"

  • Finally, give the update site some meaningful name and click "OK"

After this is done, the extensions can be installed as described further above.

Info: Update sites are explained in the Installation Guide in more detail. More information about extensions can be found in the Extensions and Integrations Guide.

Local Update Sites 

If your working environment has limited internet access or you receive an error message “Proxy Authentication Required” when connecting to a remote update site (provided by a URL), you can install extensions from a local zip file. You can download KNIME update sites as zip files here.

  • Save the zip file containing the extensions to your local system

  • Select File → Preferences → Install/Update → Available Software Sites and enter the path to the zip file by clicking Add → Archive…​.

    Figure 2. Adding Update Sites from Zip Archive
    Figure 2. Adding Update Sites from Zip Archive


  • Now click Apply and Close

Info: If the same extensions are also provided by a remote update site, you will first have to disable that update site by deselecting its entry in the Available Software Sites dialog and confirming via Apply and Close.