Using Target Platforms

Eclipse has the concept of a Target Platform. It contains all plug-ins (and features) on which the product you are currently developing is based. The target platform usually includes the Eclipse installation you are working with and additional features that are not necessary for the SDK itself. Using a target platform instead of gettings all components as source projects increases Eclipse's performance considerably.

You can edit a target platform via Window ⇒ Preferences ⇒ Plug-in Development ⇒ Target Platform. If you have used Buckminster in the past, the active platform is called "Buckinster Default TP". You can Edit... the definition and add additional features and/or update sites (also called Software Sites). See the Eclipse Quickstart Guide for details.

Here are URLs for some update sites you will find useful:

You can replace "trunk" by e.g. "branches/v_2_9" in order to get plug-in from the 2.9/3.8 release.

The community contributions URLs can be found here.


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