KNIME graciously acknowledges support of the open-source development by the following companies:

Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Numerous nodes and improvements in the KNIME user interface
  • Model readers/writers for R and Weka
  • External tool node using SSH
  • Spotfire writer node
  • Undo/redo functionality for the workflow editor


  • A library of image processing nodes


  • Web service client
  • Spotfire integration
  • Perl extension

Sanofi Aventis

  • Distance matrix extension
  • Various data mining nodes
  • Hilite collector node

Verlag für die deutsche Wirtschaft - VNR

  • Pivoting node
  • Many statistics nodes


  • Various nodes for preprocessing
  • String replacer
  • String to number conversion


  • JPython integration

Contact us if you have the need for new extensions to  KNIME that would benefit the open-source community. We would be happy to include you in the listing as the next sponsor.


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