Guided Analytics


2nd Generation AutoML for the Business

Guided Analytics provides the ability to build applications with the appropriate levels of automation and human interaction at any stage of the data science life cycle based on task and business user requirements. Guided Analytics applications can be used either directly or, more importantly, can be used as blueprints for building your own custom applications.

KNIME Guided Analytics

The KNIME WebPortal is the interface for selected interaction with the end user and gives non-experts intuitive access to data science. All applications shown on the WebPortal are all customizable “under the hood” by the data science expert.

KNIME WebPortal

Guided Analytics applications are workflows using nodes for interaction and take advantage of components for standard, automated, or complex tasks. Integrated Deployment can naturally be used for making sure the results created by the user are automatically used in production in a safe and controlled way.

The KNIME Hub has over 500 components that can be used to quickly start automating your own Guided Analytics applications.


Benefits of Guided Analytics

Designed for the Business

Create interactive modern web-based applications with the correct degree of automation and interaction needed for each user based on their requirements. All surfaced via the KNIME WebPortal.

Speed of Development

Develop maintainable applications by building workflows that use interactive nodes and automation components. A wide number of applications and components are available on KNIME Hub like Guided ML Automation, Guided Labeling, Guided Visualization, and more.


These are workflows, not black box AutoML, so what happens at each stage of the application can be surfaced to the user in every desired detail – including the results.


Since Guided Analytics applications are workflows it means you are in control. You decide how and when your business user’s application results are used in production.

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