DefaultDialog and Tabs

Renaming the default tab

You can set a new title on the default "Options" tab, the one that is always created and the components are added to by default (before creating a new tab, see below). Call setDefaultTabTitle(String) in your NodeDialogPane (that is derived from the DefaultNodeSettingsPane). The specified string appears in the tab's title. Currently calling this method places the default tab at the last tab position. It is advisable to call this, before creating new tabs (see below).

Creating new tabs

Additional tabs can be created by calling createNewTab(String). The specified string is displayed as title of the new tab. Components added after this call will be placed into the new tab. Also groups work in the new tab. Previous tabs are not accessible anymore. New tabs are placed right and behind already existing tabs. The specified title must be unique.

Placement of dialog components

The placement (horizontal/vertical) of the dialog components can be changed by calling setHorizontalPlacement(boolean). If set to true the next components will be added next to each other. If set to false the next component is place below the previous one.

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