Changelog v3.0.1

Changes between v3.0.0 and v3.0.1

Release date: November 10, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 6460: KNIME Installer not to create Windows Registry keys (possibly breaks Word 2010) - all self-contained again
  • Enh 6350: Report node name instead of node class in node usage statistics
  • Bug 6407: Change default extension of xls Reader node to xls*
  • Bug 6418: JavaScript based molecule sketcher should call init method with format and provide the possibility to define a custom validate function
  • Bug 6422: Dialog of "Numeric Distance" node does not open: alpha mask ff000000 overflows pixel (expecting 24 bits)
  • Bug 6447: JSON to XML creates elements without namespaces
  • Bug 6440: Extract Root Element Name from XML using XPATH does not work
  • Bug 6482: Loop End (two ports) fails if input tables are empty and option to allow variable column types is set
  • Bug 6496: Multithreaded nodes may not finish if an error occurs
  • Bug 6508: Byte Vectors are not parsed correctly when used in File Reader (new functionality in 3.0)
  • Bug 6119: (very rarely) non-default view layout may cause KNIME to hang during startup
  • Bug 6428: Some SWT dialogs may freeze KNIME (Linux only, e.g. metanode edit description or "workspace in use" error dialog)
  • Bug 6378: XMLCell has incompatible hashCode and equalsDataCell implementations
  • Bug 6414: R node dialogs are not layouted correctly when opened initially
  • Bug 6410: Explorer Project View is blank after selecting a flow (Windows only)
  • Bug 6488: Missing Value Handler produces Derived Fields without optype
  • Bug 6499: Folds in JSnippetTextArea unfold automatically if input variable is added or removed

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