Changelog v3.0.0

Changes between v2.12.1 and v3.0.0

Release date: October 16, 2015

Important notes

KNIME 3.0 is a major new release and comes with some new or slightly modified API. We did our best to retain API stability, though if you have developed custom extensions or using non-standard API (or eclipse API), minor changes to your code or a recompilation are required. We have summarized the changes on this page.

Due to changes in underlying frameworks (e.g. Eclipse and Java) some nodes produce different results than in earlier KNIME version. The result are and have been correct, however the ordering of rows, columns, or items in collections may be different. In very rare cases predictive models are slightly different because in case of ties usually the order of the data items is used as a tie-breaker.

In particular the following nodes are affected:

  • Group By
  • Naives Bayes Learner/Predictor
  • SVM Learner/Predictor
  • Extract Color
  • One to Many
  • JFreeChart Pie Chart
  • MoSS
  • Term co-occurrence counter
  • Chi-square keyword extractor
  • NGram creator
  • All tagger nodes from the textprocessing extension
  • K Nearest Neighbor
  • Feature Inserter
  • Table Indexer
  • Shortest Path
  • Partition Table

New Nodes

  • New Node 5000: Autoregressive integrated moving average model (ARIMA)
  • New Node 6157: Grouped Bar Chart JavaScript view based on NVD3
  • New Node 6234: Grouped Pie/Donut Chart JavaScript view based on NVD3


  • Enh 6394: Major update to KNIME UI - better design, better categorization, better annotation, etc.
  • Enh 6177: Workflow Anntations: Better handling, locking (no accidental move/edit), update UI (border instead of filled)
  • Enh 6367: Re-organization of node repository + moving some "labs" project into base packages
  • Enh 5929: Better support for HiDIP displays
  • Enh 3107: Better support for PPT/PPTX and XLS(X) in report designer (BIRT upgrade)
  • Enh 5916: Upgrade to Java 8
  • Enh 5915: Upgrade to Eclipse 4.5
  • Enh 6397: Upgrade of free Marvin Nodes (3.0.0.v0400)
  • Enh 4870: Support for "Boolean" and "Long" types in different source nodes (file reader, table creator, ...)
  • Enh 6277: BufferedDataTable to return row count as long
  • Enh 2921: Public Examples Server to run on port 80 via http (problems with corporate firewalls blocking outside access to non-standard port/protocol)
  • Enh 6278: New extension point for data types
  • Enh 6279: New extension point for port types
  • Enh 6265: Update RSyntaxTextArea to version 2.5.7 for Java 8 support
  • Enh 6193: Update JSch version to support recent encryption algorithms
  • Enh 6213: Releases for Mac OS X should be bundled as a proper "Mac App" and/or "Library"
  • Enh 6015: Molecule readers should create adapter cells instead of primitive cell types
  • Enh 6248: (Testing Extension) Don't report failing nodes multiple times
  • Enh 6256: Show feature name at bottom of node descriptions instead of plug-in name
  • Enh 6293: Update PostgreSQL JDBC driver
  • Enh 6281: Add deprecated flag to node extension point
  • Enh 6282: Move commonly used nodes from separate extensions to base distribution
  • Enh 6309: Java Snippet to support Java 1.8 syntax
  • Enh 6315: Double click in tree viewers (node repository, explorer, selection dialogs) should consistently collapse/expand element
  • Enh 6285: Add "Execute And Open Interactive View" action to node context menu
  • Enh 6322: File Reader should always derive table name from actual file location (no longer part as individual configuration parameter)
  • Enh 6341: Add method to DataCell for comparing content of different cell classes
  • Enh 6337: Write system out/err to separate file while executing testflows

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 6269: Remove unused expert-flag from node extension point
  • Bug 5433: WorkflowManager.executeAllAndWaitUntilDone doesn't return even though no node are running any more
  • Bug 6369: Click on a selected node should not edit node description
  • Bug 2991: Missing Copy&Paste with conflict handling (also in teamspace)
  • Bug 6241: Remove option "Check for updates" in the "Help" menu
  • Bug 6374: Workflow editing: nested scopes of different type with wrong wiring can result in NPE
  • Bug 6254: MoSS output found fragments in unreliable order
  • Bug 6255: JFreeChart Pie Chart may draw segments in unreliable order
  • Bug 6258: Nominal color model in table spec may shuffle values
  • Bug 3649: Node bounding boxes too small at >100%
  • Bug 6259: Extract System Properties outputs rows in unreliable order
  • Bug 6261: Call Workflow nodes may output column in unpredictable order
  • Bug 6051: Undo/Redo buttons are shown twice in toolbar (Eclipse 4.x)
  • Bug 6222: Workflow Projects view to be retired (fully replaced by KNIME Explorer)
  • Bug 6306: PMML reader fails to parse PMML files containing "XML 1.1" features, such as chars 0x01 & 0x02 - to print graceful warning
  • Bug 6321: File Reader dialog not properly updating "enable" status when flow variables are used
  • Bug 2024: Remove deprecated package filetokenizer and SettingsStatus
  • Bug 1923: Remove deprecated methods push|peekScopeVariable from NodeModel
  • Bug 2159: Unreachable printers block KNIME (disable under linux -- to be enabled in knime.ini again)
  • Bug 6311: Intro page doesn't work properly with Eclipse 4
  • Bug 2641: (API Change): Reduce scope of NodeModel#getOutgoingFlowObjectStack() to package access (was never meant to be seen by client code)

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