Changelog v2.5.4

Changes from v2.5.2 to v2.5.4

Release Date: March 30, 2012

Bug fixes

  • Bug 3151: Deadlock when opening node dialogs on Mac with JDK 1.6.0_29 (see also the corresponding FAQ entry.)
  • Bug 3138: Joiner produces too many results with the match any settings
  • Bug 3139: Joiner produces wrong results with the "match any" settings
  • Bug 3124: Decision Tree w/ "nominal binary splits" should not test for attribute values which were filtered out in parent tree nodes (tree is correct but misleading)
  • Bug 3123: SDF Reader reads one line too much if number is limited
  • Bug 3118: CAIM Binner creates too many bins (one too many)
  • Bug 3122: JFreeCart Linechart does a wrong row counting on x-labeling
  • Bug 3126: Fallback XULRunner check may fail with NPE (no node description browser available, linux only)
  • Bug 3133: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in coefficient table of polynomial regression learner
  • Bug 3159: SDFExtractor does not work with a single row
  • Bug 3161: Edges get lost if object inserter nodes are chained and the same objects are added to the same partitions
  • Bug 3164: Executed/saved Flows have problems merging FlowObjectStacks after reset
  • Bug 3163: Linear Correlation View is out of sync when scroll pane is visible
  • Bug 3148: Row To Network node must not create a new network if the table contains only one row
  • Bug 3144: Network feature type list should escape the value separator
  • Bug 3147: Network Generator node does not use edge partition information
  • Bug 3156: Performance problem when loading workflow with Network nodes
  • Bug 3154: Weka views off screen (height > screen height)
  • Bug 3140: String Manipulation Node - Typo in the description of indexOfChars function

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