Changelog v2.5.1

Changes from v2.5.0 to v2.5.1

Release Date: December 20, 2011


  • New Node 3002: Decision tree model to tree image node (create png and embed in report)
  • Enh 3035: New Network Analysis framework released on KNIME Labs
  • Enh (no bug ID): Polished node annotations & node descriptions (detailed bugs below)

Bug fixes

  • Bug 3034: Add node custom description via context menu (enable v2.4.x functionality  that was removed in v2.5.0)
  • Bug 3022: Annotation Editor: Copy, Paste, Cut, Select-All are missing
  • Bug 2997: Node annotation width must auto-resize with text
  • Bug 3027: Node annotations don't adjust with settings value from preference page
  • Bug 3018: Node & Workflow Annotations are missing copy and paste actions
  • Bug 3020: Annotation editor must select all text if editor is shown (but only if text is default text, e.g. "Node 1")
  • Bug 3021: F2 key stroke to edit node labels or annotations doesn't work
  • Bug 2569: Cannot import only one flow from a group (always imports all flows)
  • Bug 3004: StringManipulation node does not work if installation directory contains spaces
  • Bug 2874: Database (Connection) Reader fails with CODING Problem for sqlite driver
  • Bug 2996: JavaDoc for org.knime.core.util is missing
  • Bug 3001: Table Creator causes index out of bounds exception if last column is incomplete
  • Bug 3007: Dialog to "Renderer to SVG" doesn't load settings correctly
  • Bug 3013: "SDF String" renderer does not always show real content but uses "toString()"
  • Bug 3016: Column Rename (Regex) CODING ERROR with empty replacement text
  • Bug 3019: Assertion failure if import is canceled
  • Bug 3028: Closing KNIME with unsaved changes may lead to deadlock
  • Bug 3032: RowFilter node doesn't support Long columns for range filtering
  • Bug 3030: R Snippet and R View always run with '--vanilla' option (.Rprofile ignored); new R argument field added to dialog (default: '--vanilla' for all R nodes)

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