Changelog v2.4.1

Changes from v2.4.0 to v2.4.1

Release Date: July 28, 2011


  • Enh 2790: GroupBy -- Aggregation method for geometric mean
  • Enh 2802: GroupBy -- Aggregation method for TRUE and FALSE counting of BooleanValues
  • Enh 2809: Added Java property to disable live search in node repository (add -Dknime.repository.non-instant-search=true to knime.ini; temporary workaround for problem reported in forum discussion)
    Enh 2814: Enhanced PMML MiningSchema creation
  • Enh 2815: Enabled PMML support for One2Many node

Bug fixes

  • Bug 2452: XL Reader creates invalid rowIDs
  • Bug 2760: Workflow Export wizard complains that there are no elements selected (although there are)
  • Bug 2766: Reporting feature screws up Eclipse (KNIME SDK) perspective
  • Bug 2767: JPython integration listed in KNIME & Extensions category, although it's part of KNIME Labs
  • Bug 2768: Parallel Loop Execution fails on single row
  • Bug 2769: No restart dialog when installing new extensions using File->Install KNIME Extensions
  • Bug 2770: SDF Extractor Nullpointer problem
  • Bug 2774: heavy memory requirements of new SDF reader
  • Bug 2776: Rule Engine Node Dialog doesn't work as expected
  • Bug 2780: Issues in Ensemble Learning nodes
  • Bug 2781: Missing PMML support for CDK data type
  • Bug 2783: Voting Loop does not report most freq. value
  • Bug 2787: Numeric Binner node fails on table spec change
  • Bug 2796: New association rule learner has problem with negative statistics
  • Bug 2797: Decision tree prediction fails on unknown nominal values
  • Bug 2800: Missing update of the PMML DataDictionary's number of fields after adding transformations
  • Bug 2804: Missing API method NodeSettingsRO#copyTo(ConfigWO)
  • Bug 2805: Radarplot chokes on columns with only a single value
  • Bug 2808: JPython nodes can't use (some) standard packages
  • Bug 2812: "SAS Reader" always fails with NPE
  • Bug 2813: Column List Loop Start with IllegalArgumentException on missing exclude column
  • Bug 2816: SVG renderer can't handle missing values

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