Changelog v2.12.1

Changes between v2.12.0 and v2.12.1

Release date: September 24, 2015

New Nodes:

  • New Node 6264: New SAS Reader node based on GGA's parso library


  • Enh 6324: List of tables in Database Table Selector should be sorted (result set from HIVE not sorted)
  • Enh 6320: Add KNIME CA certificate to default JRE keystore
  • Enh 6251: PMML Compiler and Apply Node should support pure transformation operation (useful in Spark integration)

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 6307: Teradata DB driver not supporting "isValid" causes connection termination - better error handling in KNIME needed
  • Bug 6353: SDF Writer dialog does not offer columns for molecule title any more
  • Bug 6358: KNIME sometimes freezes on closing when sending statistical data fails
  • Bug 6237: GroupBy - Aggregation: Exclusive-OR (count) might return wrong result
  • Bug 6302: File Handling nodes: NPE when working with HTTP Remote Files without connection information
  • Bug 6308: Decision Tree to Image fails with NullPointerException on 3rd party PMML (here: SAP)
  • Bug 6247: Inconsistent array handling in JSON to XML node
  • Bug 6318: Sorter/Joiner/Similarity Searcher with memory problems (new in 2.12.0)
  • Bug 6303: Visual Generator should output image using an Image Port
  • Bug 6319: "Decision Tree to Ruleset" node fails on integer columns
  • Bug 6310: Polynomial Regression Learner occasionally fails with IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Bug 6253: Missing Value throws NPE when incoming table contains non-native data types
  • Bug 6316: Default JDBC URL for Oracle is malformed
  • Bug 6288: Value Selection (labs) can not be configured with input table containing column with name "type"
  • Bug 6297: (API) Twitter PortObject to be public - allow access from new MMI community project
  • Bug 6326: String Manipulation node: description of "lastIndexOfChar" suggests quote character but should be single tick
  • Bug 6338: Scorer node: Cohen's Kappa statistics wrong for some data sets
  • Bug 3821: Prevent loading sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver driver on Linux (with missing library)
  • Bug 6290: Value Selection: problems when input data changes
  • Bug 6327: PMML Compiler failing on missing attribute values (returns "" which causes problems parsing them as number)
  • Bug 6335: UI: Artifacts when dragging new node over a connection
  • Bug 6339: "Loop End (Column Append)" may generate too long file path: workflow can't be saved - problem on some Windows systems
  • Bug 6336: Premature state notification in case workflow contains loops (problems on server)
  • Bug 6332: Polynomial regression with degree higher than 2 creates wrong coefficients in the parameter table

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