Changelog v2.11.1

Changes from v2.11.0 to v2.11.1

Release Date: January 16, 2015

New Nodes:

  • New Node 4070: PMML to SQL and PMML to Java converter nodes


  • Bug 5895: XMLCellFactory must cache external DTDs (fixes runtime problem reported in forum)

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 5894: OpenBabel dialog does not accept 'babel' executable if path contains spaces
  • Bug 5896: Uncaught AWT exceptions may be reported for wrong testflow
  • Bug 5864: UNC paths are not correctly handled - fixes problems in various writer nodes (Java bug)
  • Bug 5900: Tree Ensemble Regression Learner requires numeric learning column if only a fingerprint column is available
  • Bug 5852: Fixed Width File Reader: Exception when opening dialog for the first time
  • Bug 5887: Text Processing: Thread starvation in NGramNodeModel
  • Bug 5903: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in new Column Combiner
  • Bug 5907: Some Python XML implementations of toprettyxml() add newlines in the textcontents of elements
  • Bug 5863: Generic Web Service Client node occasionally aborts with "Execution canceled" although a real error message is expected
  • Bug 5316: Send Email node sometimes fails with attachments (mime.types not correctly located)
  • Bug 5854: Python nodes: Collections of types supported via type extension do not work
  • Bug 5936: Text Mining: Document Vector node fails on second execution
  • Bug 5868: Database Looping throws NullPointerException if no DB-Connection is provided
  • Bug 5795: Javascript Line Plot fails on empty table (neither x nor y coordinate available)
  • Bug 5942: Database Connection Table Writer does not support schemas
  • Bug 5941: Drop table node does not support schemas
  • Bug 5902: (API) JSON: Export some java packages for continued development on 2.11 release code
  • Bug 5862: Python nodes: Overwrites previously defined PYTHONPATH
  • Bug 5865: Table Reader node does not properly save "row limit" (setting gets forgotten after workflow is reopened)
  • Bug 5867: Python integration: Improved error message in case of incompatible protobuf version
  • Bug 5858: Updates of KNIME Core disables server and teamspace update sites
  • Bug 5874: Minor issues in remote file implementations of file handling extension
  • Bug 5883: Database GroupBy node throws NullPointerException if a selected group column is not present in the input table
  • Bug 5884: Help text to String Manipulation operation 'removeDiacritic' contains unreadable character

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