Changelog v2.10.2

Changes from v2.10.1 to v2.10.2

Release Date: September 22, 2014


  • Enh 5517: New API method to query node messages from workflow instance (needed in KNIME server)

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 5477: Oracle database driver files (ojdbcXXX.jar) can't be loaded within the preferences
  • Bug 5487: XLS Reader node settings not loaded properly in dialog.
  • Bug 5488: Occasional exceptions in AWT thread in combination with Weka node views
  • Bug 5492: Database Joiner - Generated spec does not take into account that column names could be changed by StatementManipulator.quoteColumn() (as it is the case with Hive)
  • Bug 5489: Database Joiner - Node can be executed without a selected join column, resulting in invalid SQL
  • Bug 5490: Database Joiner - Throws NPE if previously selected column is not available anymore
  • Bug 5496: StatementManipulator needs method to replace characters that are not allowed in a column name
  • Bug 5500: Cancelled R snippet in Try-catch produces an invalid state
  • Bug 5504: JavaScript Scatter Plot chart area is clipped in Firefox
  • Bug 5506: Configuration dialog on metanodes with quickforms throws error while loading settings
  • Bug 5511: Text Mining: NPE in DocumentFileStoreCells
  • Bug 5510: Loop End node fails to save when all iterations produce empty tables
  • Bug 5538: Excel reader dialog doesn't show correct location when file doesn't exist anymore
  • Bug 5542: Icons at the node repository wrongly scaled (Windows Machines only)
  • Bug 5547: OSM nodes should draw map makers in the order they occur in the input table
  • Bug 5550: Copying Numeric Binner / - (PMML) node the bin settings are kept and cause an exception
  • Bug 5560: Loop End doesn't append "iteration column" in case all loop tables are empty and the "ignore empty tables" is set
  • Bug 5566: GUI may freeze on MacOS when applying node settings in Table Difference Checker
  • Bug 5571: "Column to XML" node ignores column containing element names if that column has index = 0 (first column)
  • Bug 5576: New R nodes: String columns with many and/or long values take long to load into R.
  • Bug 5582: Loading of database driver in preferences should be more error robust (continue in case of exception)
  • Bug 5580: Logistic Regression Learner fails when doman information is missing (too many unique values) - should be ignored/warned.
  • Bug 5577: Database Nodes do not quote column names containing '-', resulting in failing execution
  • Bug 5574: Workaround for MySQL problem when querying metadata
  • Bug 5579: Database Looping node not backward compatible (new setting "execute_without_configure")
  • Bug 5583: Database Column Filter dialog shows wrong columns in include list
  • Bug 5581: Concurrent execution of generic web service client fails (with authentication enabled)
  • Bug 5590: Joiner potentially duplicates rows in case of low memory (outer join only)

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