Changelog v2.10.1

Changes from v2.10.0 to v2.10.1

Release Date: August 06, 2014


  • Enh 4359: Extension point for startup checks
  • Enh 5418: Java Snippet node: allow Java 7 syntax
  • Enh 5453: Open Google port API to enable others development of their own Google API and Google Analytics nodes

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 5410: New Statistics node lacks documentation on "min/max" user parameter
  • Bug 5416: R metanodes issue warnings during startup if quickforms are not installed
  • Bug 5403: Regex Split node: "Case Insensitive" flag not working
  • Bug 5400: Google Analytics Query: Segment chooser contains same item multiple times
  • Bug 5405: Save-as does not replace workflow context (required to access knime://knime.workflow URLs)
  • Bug 5404: Google API Connector does not state that it requires a P12 key file
  • Bug 5398: Export workflow dialog too small: doesn't show flow selection panel
  • Bug 5441: Reading data from R Snippet and similar nodes into KNIME is slow for factor data
  • Bug 5444: Linear Correlation node is too picky with numerical rounding errors when computing basic statistics
  • Bug 5435: Normalized Levenshtein Distance (DistanceMeasure) computes wrong results
  • Bug 5094: OSM Map View: strange hiliting behavior
  • Bug 5431: Add deprecated tag to old core R nodes
  • Bug 4996: Text Mining: Meta Info Inserter replaces documents with missing values
  • Bug 4997: Text Mining: Meta Info Extractor swallows rows with missing documents
  • Bug 5460: Google Analytics Connector: Slow performance if there are many accounts / web properties / profiles
  • Bug 5382: Time Series Moving Average changes output if original columns are removed
  • Bug 5427: Missing NearestNeighbourSearchAlgorithms in Weka's IBk configure dialog
  • Bug 5459: SFTPRemoteFile throws closed channel exception in delete() method
  • Bug 5440: Text Processing: Unsynchronized hash map access may lead to infinite loop
  • Bug 5445: Text Mining: Typo and missing tag in Sentiment tag set
  • Bug 5408: SQL Inject fails with cryptic error message when no Flow Variable is selected
  • Bug 5467: Cross Joiner may fail with "too many open files" (seen on Linux)
  • Bug 5463: Database Reader does not use settings given through the optional Database Connection during #configure
  • Bug 5417: Twitter nodes error message: Execute failed: ("Exception"): null
  • Bug 5465: Pivoting node should not use unknown columns as pivot
  • Bug 5423: JavaScript Scatter Plot does not respect x column set in dialog
  • Bug 3691: Browse button in "Import Workflow" dialog throws NPE when clicked a second time
  • Bug 5412: File->Export only shows dialog when KNIME Explorer has focus
  • Bug 5414: Reloading update site via preferences renders is unavailable
  • Bug 5409: Database metadata retrieval not working for MS SQL Server
  • Bug 5415: R crashes when R_HOME is not set correctly

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