Changelog from v1.3.1 to v1.3.3

New nodes

  • Column Combiner

Bug fixes

  • Static help pages, and tool to create help files based on node descriptions (no write access to installation directory required at runtime)
  • Reset confirm dialogs are enhanced by toggle "do not ask again"
  • Help content view: external links temporarily disabled (can crash application on Linux (eclipse bug))
  • Bit vector generator: equal bit set size for bit vectors parsed from id strings and no padding for bit vectors parsed from bit strings
  • File reader dialog: opening the dialog took very long if the last file read is on a network drive
  • SD reader: occasional null pointer exception
  • Smiles parser: input string is trimmed now
  • Weka classes generated GenericProperties.props file in user's home directory.
  • ThreadedColAppenderNodeModel shuffled columns if more than one column was replaced
  • OpenBabel node on windows: execution errors with more than ~5,000 molecules
  • added CTab type
  • Boxplot: bugfix and better progress report
  • String to number node: added dialog fields for thousands and decimal separator
  • Number to string node: integers are converted without decimal places now.
  • Sampling nodes: warning message if output table does not contain all classes because of too low row count (more classes than rows)
  • Sampling nodes: use of BitSet.size() instead of BitSet.cardinality() when counting output for stratified sampling
  • 2d coordinates were generated for all cdk columns (ignoring user settings)
  • Batch executor: Better help message on customizable java properties (old help resulted in error: "Unknown option '-Dorg.knime.core.maxThreads'")
  • Model Writer: appending automatically file extension ".pmml.gz" and print warning. Allow case-insensitive file extension (pmml and pmml.gz), like reader.
  • Core: fixed race condition in table ID generation code

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