Changelog from v1.0.0 to v1.1.0

There are no major changes in functionality compared to version 1.0.0; however, a few internals have changed:

  • Builds upon Eclipse 3.2, the currently latest version of Eclipse.
  • Renamed package names from reflect new ownership of KNIME. (If you have started to develop new nodes based on KNIME 1.0.0, these classes won't compile anymore. Fortunately, a simple reorganizing of imports in these classes will fix the problem.)
  • Re-organized plugin projects to clearly separate functionality (e.g. core classes and contributing nodes).
  • Cleanup of the chemistry plugin.
  • A few new nodes, e.g. a node to recompute the domain information of columns.
  • Minor bug fixes, among others a fix of a class loading problem when there are duplicate class definitions.

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