Step 4: Using URLs from data tables

Add a Row Filter node a configure it in such a way that all projects except the one for Mrs. Green are excluded. Then add another GET resource node and link it to the row filter.

Row filter an new GET resource node

Instead of entering the target URL manually, we will this time fetch it from an input port. Open the dialog of the new GET resource node. In the URL section, select Column Selection and then the column Again request ATOM (see Step 3). Then press OK and execute the node.

Fetching a URL form a data table

This time, the node has fetched the URL from the input table. Note that the node will throw an exception if there is more than one distinct URL in the column. The table might still have multiple rows as long the URL is the same in all of them.

If you want to send several requests in one node execution you have to use the GET Resource (Batch). There is no batch support for other HTTP methods than GET. Further details and suggestions for workarounds can be found in the batch request section.


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