Step 2: Converting the response representation

Back to Mrs. Green. We have a representation of all projects now. But its worth in KNIME is rather low as long we cannot transform it into a data table. Let's do this now.

Add a Read REST Representation node and link its input ports to the output ports of the GET resource node.

GET node linked to a representation reader

You can execute the node directly. In this case, the read node will use the data from the header port to determine the data format of the representation and apply the default settings (which can again be adjusted in the Preferences).

Representation converted into a KNIME table

If there is no header data available for whatever reason or if you want to adjust the settings for the conversion, you must open the dialog. If the Data Format is set to Autodetection there is only one panel visible.

Read representation dialog in autodect mode

As soon as you select another Data Format, an additional section will appear. The options in these sections are explained in the Node Description. The defaults for these options can be set in the Preferences. At this, the settings for all data formats are handled separately.


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