MMI Labs Nodes

MMI Labs is a subset of MMI Agency, a Houston-based brand activation and conversation agency that has dedicated efforts to create and develop nodes to further existing marketing and advertising specific research efforts.  MMI Labs nodes will assist in other companies development and set up of workflows in KNIME that can output powerful data to be used in conjunction with market research and insights. Some nodes are intended to integrate with existing KNIME nodes. The growing collection of MMI Labs KNIME nodes will allow for the extension of existing workflows and to make marketing data processing more effective.

MMI Labs currently features the following KNIME nodes:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Twitter Trends
  • W3C CSS Validator
  • W3C Html Validator
  • Keyword Density
  • Random Data Generator
  • Clean HTML Retriever
  • XML Sitemap Reader

Installation instructions for the nodes can be found here:


The MMI Labds Nodes are released under GPLv3.


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