HTS Data Mining/ SPARQL Nodes

SPARQL Query node: permits to send a SPARQL query to any SPARQL endpoint. The result is retrieved as a table of strings. A timeout parameter can be set for the query and the query may also return empty cells (these are  then represented as empty strings in the table). The node is basically a connector between KNIME and the Apache Jena libraries (  for performing the query. Although it was originally intended for use in post-processing of high-throughput screening data, the node is of general use.

Fast Tanimoto/ Fast Tanimoto 2: these nodes provide similar functionality like the Fingerprint Similarity node of the CDK community contribution. The difference lies in the presentation of the result, instead of displaying the molecule with minimum or maximum similarity or the whole list of similarity coefficients, the node lists up only similarities above a certain threshold together with the corresponding identifiers and total count of similars found The result can directly be used in reports that display which  molecule has how many and which similar other molecules.


Installation instructions for the nodes can be found here:


The SPARQL Nodes are released under GPLv3.


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