KNIME DataHop U.S. (Cincinnati)

October 18, 2023 - Cincinnati, OH
KNIME DataHop U.S. (Cincinnati)

The KNIME DataHop is our new roadshow event series. Join us in Cincinnati to hear best practices for working with data, learn about low-code/no-code data science with KNIME, and expand your network by connecting with industry peers and experts in an in-person setting. This is an in-person event only. 





Michael Berthold is co-founder and CEO of KNIME, the open analytics platform used by thousands of data experts around the world. Until recently, he was professor at Konstanz University, where his research interests included bisociative data analysis and widening of mining algorithms. Before that he held positions in both academia (Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley) and industry (Intel, Tripos). Michael has co-authored two successful data analysis text books and is a frequent speaker at both academic and industrial conferences. If time permits he still builds workflows.



Matt Wulff is the Head of Analytics at CareerBuilder and a trusted source for job opportunities and advice. In his current role, Matt oversees a team of analysts that provide data, analysis, and reporting to the sales, finance, product organizations. His career has been industry agnostic – spanning social media analytics, digital marketing, credit union insurance, apartment listings & job listings – but his focus has always been on the data driving these businesses. He has seen very clearly that while the industry may be different, the data challenges remain the same - how do you acquire ”good” data and what do you do with it once you have it. Matt has worn many hats and developed a unique skill set that spans programming, design, management, marketing, research, strategy, sales, and mentorship. Matt currently uses Knime daily to deliver data and insights to help drive CareerBuilder’s development of its programmatic product offering.





Brennon Sessions is a Senior Scientist at The Procter & Gamble Company, where he has held various technical R&D positions over the past 10 years. He currently leads the Personal Health Care division’s ‘Data Activation’ effort, focused on driving automated reporting and& visualization capability.






John Thompson is the Self-Service Analytics (SSA) Owner at Cargill where he leads the global data community by promoting the growth and development of low-code analytics capabilities. In this role, John has grown the SSA community by over 35% and introduced KNIME as Cargill’s newest self-service analytics platform. Prior to leading the SSA capability, John was the analytics coach for North America and a senior analyst in Cargill’s transportation logistics function.





Jeffrey Shaffer is a Joseph S. Stern Professor of Practice and Assistant Professor-Educator at the Lindner College of Business in Operations, Business Analytics and Information Systems (OBAIS). He is also the Vice President of I.T. and Analytics at Unifund and Recovery Decision Science.





Rosaria Silipo, PhD, now head of data science evangelism at KNIME, has spent 25+ years in applied AI, predictive analytics and machine learning at Siemens, Viseca, Nuance Communications, and private consulting. Sharing her practical experience in a broad range of industries and deployments, including IoT, customer intelligence, financial services, social media, and cybersecurity, Rosaria has authored 50+ technical publications, including her recent books: "Guide to Intelligent Data Science" (Springer) and "Codeless Deep Learning with KNIME" (Packt).





Rachel Ambler has worked in multiple verticals in her over 30-year career from Freight Forwarding, the British Royal Air Force and Army, Retail, Warehousing and Online Banking which have taken her across the globe including the UK, Europe, South Africa, Asia, and currently the US. She is currently the Director of Database and Business Intelligence Systems at Pure Romance in Cincinnati, OH, where she uses multiple tools to help drive the company forward with obtaining, sanitizing, and presenting data using technologies as diverse as PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, multiple Kubernetes clusters, .net API Servers, Tableau, PowerBI, and of course, Knime to allow Pure Romance to do more with less and providing faster better methods of data delivery and visualization.





Kyle Thompson is a Scientific Content Engineer at CAS, a Division of the American Chemical Society. As a trained biochemist, he has spent 11 years at CAS building databases, creating custom solutions for customers, and performing data analysis. He has been using KNIME since 2019, and in that time he has become KNIME L1-L3 Certified as well as being part of the inaugural Train the Trainer program. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and 2 kids.





Jim Falgout is a technologist at KNIME. He first started working with KNIME as a partner in the (somewhat) early days of KNIME. He joined KNIME a few years ago to help get an office started in the US, supporting customers, helping sales and building out the US team.He has now returned to his technological roots, as a co-CTO focusing on the commercial side of KNIME software. You'll find he's always interested in anything cloud, distributed computing, ideas, systems and dogs.





Jennifer Ostyn currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Customer Care for the U.S.at KNIME. Prior to joining KNIME a year and a half ago, Jennifer operated in a similar role as Senior Vice President of Sales for Equifax Commercial. With over 20 years’ experience in the data, analytics and software space, she is considered an accomplished sales leader with expertise in developing strategic teams and coaching individuals towards their objectives while delivering on results. Adept at vision creation and strategic planning, Jennifer also thrives in high pressure situations and making decisive decisions. Jennifer engages her communication, collaboration, and partnership facilitation skillset across her corporate responsibilities as well as her passion for philanthropic work in numerous organizations. Jennifer has a passion for travel, physical fitness and relishes the opportunity to have a tennis racket in her hand whenever possible!




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