Data Connect

Data Connect: India in Bangalore

October 6, 2023 - Bangalore
Data Connect: India (Onsite/Hybrid) in Bangalore

Join the next KNIME Data Connect onsite event in Bangalore.

Talk 1: Predicting Air Quality Index (AQI) for a Sustainable Future with KNIME

Discover how cutting-edge research, completely implemented in KNIME, is revolutionizing AQI prediction and its profound impact on Public Health, Environment, Urban Planning, and Infrastructure.

Key Highlights about the talk:

  • Unravel the power of deep learning techniques like RNN and LSTM in accurately forecasting AQI levels
  • Witness a captivating case study on AQI prediction for Delhi, India, using data from the past five years
  • Gain insights into the comparative analysis of classical methods (Seasonal decomposition, ARIMA) against LSTM, showcasing unparalleled results
  • Learn about crucial variables and scenario analysis using Shapley values, pivotal for understanding AQI influences

Talk 2: Unleashing the Potential of KNIME for the 4th Industrial revolution: Empowering Finance and Business Leaders

The talk will delve about how KNIME, a powerful low-code and no-code tool, has emerged as a game-changer in enabling business leaders to harness the benefits of Data science and automation without the need for extensive coding expertise.

This topic delves into the world of KNIME, exploring the learnings and use cases in this domain. The key takeaway will be as follows:

  • Understanding the Genesis of Digital transformation
  • How KNIME is a game changer for business users
  • Knowing the use cases and success stories
  • Learnings for Business leaders


How do I join the KNIME Data Connect?

Join Data Connect: India in Bangalore.


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