Changelog from v1.2.0 to v1.2.1

This is a minor release with a couple of bug fixes and minor improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • NPE in DataContainer when table only contains missing values (unreported)
  • Serialization of (Blob-) String > 64k failed (unreported)
  • inefficient duplicate checking in DataContainer (MAJOR CHANGE, bug #1090)
  • blob cells keeps reference to BLOB in SoftReference, fixes potential memory leak (unreported)
  • dead lock in filereader dialog (bug fix#1101)
  • "switch workspace" did not work in product, (bug fix#1067)
  • bad layout of aggregator in x-val meta node (bug fix#1080)
  • Weka dialogs failed to open on GNOME window manager, linux only, fix: forcing native java Look and Feel (unreported)
  • renderer in TableView was sometimes not updated when table structure changed (unreported)
  • HiliteHandler generation problem in NodeModel when model inports are present (unreported)
  • layout of missing value handling node messed up when adding many columns (bug fix #1114)
  • R-nodes: problem when result from server was invalid (unreported)
  • potential memory leak in node settings object (unreported)
  • Weka J48 node: problem on how to determine categorical columns (bug#1059)
  • Weka J48 node: some dialog options were ignored (unreported)
  • Cache Node: did not show progress information (unreported)


  • File-Reader has short line support, no rowID uniquification, progress
  • made default dialog components reusable and easier to extend
  • new batch executor (using Eclipse's OSGI class loading mechanism)
  • rewrite batch executor, supports now data cell options + nested elements

Chemistry related changes

  • Upgrade to CDK 1.0 (still considered beta, though)
  • MoSS fix: switch from moss-4.6a to moss.4.31 (fixes bug #1088)
  • MoSS dialog: cleanup (meaningful default values), bug fix#1057
  • Babel node: failed when processing more than 2000 structures
  • added multiline string renderer to base chemistry types, removed proprietary SDF/Mol2Renderer, (bug #1092)
  • added getFallBackRenderer to all base molecule types; enables custom renderer registration
  • CDK: added global CDKNodePlugin.lock() method to be thread-safe (customizable through new preference page, all in response to bug #1089)
  • CDK (2D Generator): fewer warning messages, bug fix#1056
  • CDK: exporting all packages defined in this plugin (available in downstream plugins)
  • CDK (almost all nodes): many nodes had no dialog element in which the user could specify the name of the appended column (bug fix#1051)
  • CDK (Smiles Parsing): the smiles parser thread pool may have blocked the entire timeout if the smiles is easy (and quick) to parse (potential bug)
  • CDK: enabled Mol2->CDK translator node.
  • Mol2 Reader had problems with more than one structure in the file (unreported bug)
  • CDK: smiles parser ran into deadlock (bug fix #1089)

Other changes:

  • changed some of the utility classes (such as the table view classes, the StatisticsTable class, and the Normalizer class) to be used for the (new) correlation node
  • R-nodes: cleanup node description + dialog
  • Shape Manager Node: cleanup dialog layout
  • Sorter node: cleanup dialog layout

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