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Life Science with KNIME Analytics Platform

Why KNIME for Life Sciences

Work with your specific life science data types easily and in one single environment.

Manage large amounts of data all in one place. 

Take advantage of machine learning capabilities in KNIME.

Use life science community nodes such as RDKit, Vernalis, SeqAn, and more.

Draw on expertise from the KNIME Team as well as the community via the KNIME Forum.

Life Sciences on the KNIME Blog

Learn how to use Python code found in Jupyter notebooks in KNIME as well as how to execute KNIME workflows directly from within Python.

User-friendly End-to-End Lab Automation in Action - Learn how KNIME workflows can automatically retrieve and analyze laboratory data.

Variant prioritization - Reproducible Workflow with Domain Expert Interaction. We combine typical bioinformatics command line tools with built-in functionality in KNIME Analytics Platform including shared components, REST Services, and interactive visualizations and make the results available for interactive investigation as Web Application.

FAIR data with KNIME - Use KNIME to transform your data and align it to the FAIR guiding principles.

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Check out simple KNIME workflows snippets that demonstrate how to solve specific tasks.

Life Sciences KNIME Analytics Platform

KNIME in Action

Examples of KNIME in Action from our community of Life Science users:

Deep Learning: From Mastering the Game of GO to Revolutionizing Microscopy - by Florian Jug (deNBI).

Building a Clinically Significant Rare Disease Data Master: Approach and Workflows - by Sebastien Lefebvre (Alexion Pharmaceuticals).

Using KNIME to Build a Data-Driven Culture (and Workflows!) in a Biopharma Setting - by Kenneth Longo (WAVE Life Sciences).

Learn more about reproducible Cheminformatics through visual workflows: quick prototyping, data pipelining, model deployment, and interactive web applications.

Video: Working with the RDKit in KNIME Analytics Platform

Learn what you can do with KNIME and the RDKit, based on a couple of examples of common cheminformatics use cases. In addition to using the RDKit KNIME nodes, learn how you can use the broader functionality available using Python and Java scripting nodes available in KNIME.

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Video: Conformal Prediction

Learn about a set of nodes, developed by our partner Redfield, for performing conformal prediction, which is an algorithm for making predictions at a user-set confidence level. See the nodes in action in a KNIME workflow.

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Video: Integrated Deployment in Action: End to End Data Science for Bioactivity Prediction

In this recorded webinar, we will guide you through the complete journey of a data scientist: from training and selecting the best machine learning model for your data to putting your model into production and creating a simple web application.

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Disease Tagging in Biomedical Literature

Reduce time spent sifting through medical literature with automatic disease tagging.

Gene Expression Analysis with KNIME Analytics Platform

Narrowing sets of genes down to the ones of interest.

Semantics and Ontologies with KNIME Analytics Platform

Extracting and sharing knowledge in a reusable way.

Disease Tagging in Biomedical Literature

Gene Expression Analysis with KNIME Analytics Platform

Semantics and Ontologies with KNIME Analytics Platform

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