Open-source KNIME Analytics Platform

The visual workflow editor with ML capabilities

KNIME Analytics Platform Workflow

Is KNIME the open-source alternative to your existing data workbench?

KNIME Analytics Platform Leverage Machine Learning and AI Workflow


Access to all the new developments in data science, machine learning, AI - both now and in the future.

Avoid locking your data science IP into a proprietary format with the risk of sudden price changes.

Make data science available on all operating systems - not just on Windows.

Getting started

Get started with KNIME Beginner's Luck or learn advanced techniques with KNIME Advanced Luck.

Learn some tips and tricks for your next data science project with Practicing Data Science.

Transition from your existing tool to KNIME with our free guides; SAS to KNIME, Alteryx to KNIME, and Excel to KNIME.

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KNIME Analytics Platform is free and open source. Simply download and get started - just like that! No contract, no free trial.


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