What’s New in KNIME Analytics Platform 4.3 and KNIME Server 4.12

January 21, 2021 - Online

The webinar will be held in Spanish.
Hosted by our partner, iQuartil, this webinar highlights the new features and functionality that we released with KNIME Analytics Platform 4.3 and KNIME Server 4.12.

We’ll take you through the new File Handling extensions for more powerful and user friendly data access and prep; new nodes that reduce the number of steps needed in a workflow, plus faster table transformation. We’ll look at the new Python enhancements making it easier to share and productionize workflows and components containing Python Scripting Nodes.

You’ll hear about the enhanced monitoring and admin interface in KNIME Server, an additional high availability feature, and elastic scaling on Azure.

Find out about our new additions to the Deep Learning extension around Keras and Tensorflow, take a walk around the KNIME Hub and hear about recent additions to the collection of KNIME Verified Components.


Note: This webinar will be held on Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 5 PM - 6 PM UTC +1 (Berlin) which is 11 AM - 12 PM UTC -5 (Bogotá).


How do I join the webinar?

You’ll receive a zoom link with your registration confirmation. Make sure you have a stable internet connection!

Will I be able to ask questions?

Absolutely - fire away!

Where do I find the latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform?

Download the latest free, open source version of knime here: knime.com/download

What other resources will help me to get started in KNIME?
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