What's New in KNIME 2.8




New Powerful R Integration

R (Interactive)


This is a new category in KNIME Labs!


It replicates most of the nodes already available in the R category.

However, the R(Interactive) nodes execute R code interactively meaning that you can evaluate the script (and the table or view it creates) from within the dialog.


The nodes also come with syntax highlighting in the R editor and with the possibility to create and use code templates. New is also the ability to pass workspaces from node to node so that you modularize your R scripts better.





R Source (Table)


This is a new node in the R category!


It is an R based reader node for a diversity of data types as supported by existing R libraries: SAS, SPSS, Stata, XBase, ….



Open Street Maps

OSM nodes


This is a new category in KNIME Labs!


The OpenStreetMap (OSM) extension enables the user to render geographic points of interests (e.g. locations of IP addresses) onto a map (http://www.openstreetmap.org). The world map (including the points of interest) can either be interactively explored (OSM Map View-node) or directly rendered into an image (OSM to Image-node).


Error Handling

Try-Catch Blocks


This is a new full category under “Flow Control”!


The Try-Catch nodes are used to build a functional block around a series of nodes that can potential fail during execution such as a file reader or a database connector. The Try node starts the block; the Catch node ends the block and continues normal execution even if the sub workflow within the block failed.


The Catch node has two input ports. In case some node fails in the branch connected to the upper port, the branch connected to the bottom port takes over and provides the output data for the try-catch block.


There many Try-Catch blocks possible, catching errors on data, flow variables, DB, and generic ports.





Data Manipulation for Time Series

Lag Column


This is a new node!


This node shifts a column up by P (P=Lag interval) rows or by 1, 2, …, L-1 (L=Lag) rows.


If the selected column is a time series and has been sorted with ascending time, this node lags (embeds) the time series L-1 steps in the past for time series analysis.



Improved Excel Integration: now supporting multiple sheets!


XLS Reader


Improved performance in the XLS Reader node. It should be now much faster in preview and execution.





XLS Writer


The configuration window of the XLS Writer node has changed considerably. There are now more options for a more flexible creation of an excel file.


  • New option to open file after writing

  • New option to write data on multiple sheets

  • Columns to write can be selected

  • Supports images





XLS Sheet Appender


This is a new node!


It works similarly to the XLS Writer node. It just appends content to an existing Excel file instead of creating a new excel file.



Read XLS Sheet Names


This is a new node!


It returns the names of the sheets in an Excel file.




New Nodes



Single Selection Input QuickForm


This QuickForm provides single selection radio buttons to insert a flow variable value into the workflow with a QuickForm GUI.

The radio buttons can be displayed horizontally or vertically.


Multiple Selection Input QuickForm


This QuickForm provides multiple selection checkboxes to insert a flow variable value into the workflow with a QuickForm GUI.

The check boxes can be displayed horizontally or vertically.



Data Manipulation


Many2One(PMML) / One2Many(PMML)


Now there is PMML support for the traditional Many2One and One2Many nodes in the Data Manipulation/PMML category



Column Appender


This is a simplified Joiner using the RowID as joining key.



Text Processing

Meta Info Extractor


This node extracts the document meta-information


Meta Info Inserter


This node inserts the document meta-information



Wildcard tagger


This node assigns tags to terms based on dictionary, where entries can contain wild cards or regular expressions.



Pharma Filter


This node filters text based on a new Pharma Tag Set



General Tag Filter


This node performs general text filtering based on a tag set or on a list of tags


NGram Creator


Creates word or character based N-grams. The N value can be specified in the dialog, as well as the output format.




Delete Files


Deletes files from file system.


Create Directory


Creates a new directory on file system.



URI Port to Variable


Produces URI path at the output port as flow variable.



Export Rendered Images in Data Views


Renderer To Image


This node converts the rendered content of an existing column into SVG or PNG images.


Other noteworthy Improvements


Data Mining

PMML Ensembles


PMML Support for Ensemble nodes




JDBC Drivers


Common JDBC Database Drivers are now distributed with database nodes.



DB nodes


All DB nodes now have a time zone option to manipulate date/time/timestamp values upon persistence.


Data Manipulation





This node now support multiple columns. You can ungroup many columns at the same time.


String Replacer


The String Replacer node now supports also regular expressions and special characters replacement, like ‘*’, empty, or ‘?’






Time Generator


Now it can also produce current data/time at output port.




Data Table and Specs Table View: column sorting


  • Interactive sorting in Data Table View and Specs View only possible now with CTRL-key down to avoid accidental sorting or with menu selection.

  • Transposed layout possible for data tables (via table specs)

  • Long column Headers can break into multiple columns (via table specs)




Math Formula


  • Configuration window has been simplified

  • Access now to flow variables as well in math editor

  • Now can also return integer values

  • Simplified interface





Zip/Unzip nodes


General better file support for zip/unzip nodes

Tar.gz and tar.bzip are now also supported


Download/Upload from List


This node produces now an output table with transfer status for each file and with an option to continue if a file transfer has failed.


URL nodes


URL nodes now support:

  • knime:// protocol

  • ftp: protocol

special characters in URL path.





CSV Reader


New options in configuration window:


  • skip first lines

  • limit rows




Network Viewer


Now supports:

  • z coordinate feature

  • different edge shapes

  • setting of node outline color and stroke width

  • resizing of icons based on original image size

  • hiliting for nodes and edges




Text Processing

Document Viewer


  • Search Engine links are editable

  • Regular expressions are supported in search field

  • Document meta-information is displayed


Document Data Extractor


Also extracts meta-information from Documents


Document Grabber


Now appends the query as a new column




Search Engine Preference Page


Search engines for the Document Viewer can be customized in the KNIME preferences page under:


Preferences->KNIME->Textprocessing->Search Engines


All Parser Nodes


Whitespaces from original text are preserved (for example in the Strings to Document node)




Term co-occurrence counter


Now allows for skipping of meta-information sections




Stanford Tagger


French can now also be selected as Tagger model and uses the Stanford tagging lib v3.1.4




New Data Type


New chemistry data type for InChi/Chime



Many more small improvements have been made under the hood - please refer to the changelog


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