What's New in KNIME 2.7

The following summarizes the most noteworthy improvements of KNIME v2.7, for a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes please have a look at the changelog.

Note that in light of the update in our Eclipse version, a clean installation of KNIME will be required. An update of KNIME 2.6 is not possible.



KNIME now runs on Java 7 for Windows and Linux systems (Mac stays on  Java 6)


Eclipse update 3.7 increases stability on Mac and some Linux systems.


BIRT 3.7 brings Open Office support among other new features




KNIME Explorer View as default Workflow Repository

The “KNIME Explorer” View is now the default Workflow Repository.

It is still possible to call back the old “Workflow Projects” panel via the “View” item in the top menu.

Placeholder Node for Missing Nodes

Missing nodes in a workflow are now represented by a placeholder node, briefly explaining which node is missing.


Database Nodes

New Nodes “Database Delete” and “Database Update”

The “Database Delete” and “Database Update” node respectively deletes and updates the database table records matching the input data.

New Supported Data Types

Database nodes now support data columns of Boolean and Blob type as well.




JFreeChart Nodes

More Plot Options in JFreeChart Nodes

JFreeChart nodes have now more setting options in the “General Plot Options” tab of their configuration window.

For example, it is now possible to set:

  1. the background color

  2. the font size

“Line Chart" Node with Color support


The “Line Chart” node now has two input ports:

  1. The top input port hosts the input data;
  2. The bottom input port hosts an association scheme between colors and input data columns.


R Integration

New Nodes

In R-> Local there are a number of new nodes to import:

  1. “Table to R” can read a KNIME table into R and output the R workspace.  

  2. “R to Table” takes an R workspace and outputs a KNIME table.

  3. “R +Data to R” takes an R workspace and optional data input and outputs an R workspace.

  4. “R to R-View” takes an R workspace and outputs a KNIME view.

R Version 2.15.2

The R Binaries from the R Package Extension install R version 2.15.2.



Special Cases in File Handling

KNIME Labs has now a category named “File Handling” including file handling utilities, like:

  1. Zipping/Unzipping files

  2. Converting binary objects to files

  3. Remote file Upload/Download

  4. File copy/move

  5. Manipulating URIs

  6. Finding and listing MIME types

New Nodes: Tree Ensemble (Regression)

Learn/Predict based off of an ensemble of regression trees. Learner output includes:
  1. out-of-bag error estimates
  2. Table of attributes used in the learners
  3. The trained model

Text Mining and Network Analytics

“Text Processing” and “Network Mining” categories in KNIME Labs have also been enriched with a number of new nodes.



Similarity Search

New Node: Similarity Search

Use bit vectors, numeric descriptors or predefined distance matricies to query a reference table for it’s most similar (or disparate) entries.  



“Toggle Breadcrumb” button to show report item hierarchy

In BIRT 3.7 the “Toggle Breadcrumb” button is now available.

This button activates a bar on top of the report layout that shows the hierarchy position for the selected report item.


Quickform Nodes

New Node “Multi-selection QuickForm”

This QuickForm node:

  1. defines a list of values

  2. allows for a multiple value selection from the defined list

  3. outputs the selected value(s) as:

    1. a flow variable

    2. as data cells at the output port

New Node “TextArea Output”

The “TextArea Output” node builds a formatted text, including flow variable values, to be output at the end of the workflow execution on the web portal.

New Node “Image Output”

Similarly to the “TextArea Output” node, the “Image Outout” node takes an image as input data and outputs the same scaled image at the end of the workflow execution on the web portal.

Configuration Settings require the image scaling parameters.


New “Hide” Option in QuickForm Nodes

Most QuickForm nodes have now a new option “Hide in Wizard”.

This option, when enabled, hides the QuickForm node’s mask during the server wizard execution and uses the default selection values.

New Layout in “String Radio Buttons” Node

The mask layout of the “String Radio Buttons” node now displays the options vertically.



New nodes: Variable, Text, and Image Output Nodes

In the KNIME Webportal, the new Quickform Output nodes  enable the display of intermediate results in the form of an image, variable, or text in the KNIME Webportal.  

File Support on Server

Support for files located on the KNIME server.  You can now upload arbitrary data files to the KNIME Server.

Execution of Multiple Workflows

The commercial KNIME report batch executor allows now for the execution of multiple workflows and reports at once.

The run configuration is defined by an xml file that lists the workflows to run and their parameters.

Workflows can also be executed in parallel.




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