Travel and Transport Analytics

Get insights to deliver personalized customer experiences, optimize routes and pricing, enhance network and capacity planning, and improve asset performance.

KNIME Powers Travel & Transportation Providers with Insights



  • Get a 360-degree customer view to improve customer engagement with targeted offers

  • Make more accurate demand forecasts to drive better network and capacity planning

  • Create dynamic pricing strategies to respond to competitor and seasonal patterns

  • Optimize routes for cost efficiency and predict issues to maximize asset uptime and safety

How TUI classified customer feedback and performed sentiment analysis
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How Miriade enhanced parking operations at Venice Airport
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How ANWB used predictive marketing models to improve customer relevance
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Why KNIME for Travel and Transportation Analytics

From Raw Data to Insights In One Single Platform

Combine, prep, and analyze diverse data such as reservation data, shipment data, origin and destination data, loyalty data, call center logs, social media data, sensor and geospatial data in a single platform.

Build, test, train, and deploy machine learning models in the same platform - without the need to switch tools. Bypass integration complexities and get insights faster.

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Analytic Depth For All

Build sophisticated analytical models in a low-code environment to understand customer preferences, optimize fleet routes, lower fuel consumption, automate fare adjustment, and predict operational issues.

Access complex analyses via interactive data apps and collaborate with business partners from your browser.

Enterprise-Scale Data Analytics Platform

Get access to all the data you need while ensuring data privacy and security through centralized administration.

Automate routine, administrative tasks with workflow scheduling to focus on delivering relevant insights. Share and reuse your analyses and deploy them wherever you want, whether that’s on-premises or in the cloud.

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Open-Source Fueled Innovation

Stay ahead of the curve with the continuous innovation delivered by a global, open-source community.

No waiting around endlessly for advanced functionality and extensions from proprietary vendor platforms. Hit the ground running with readymade workflows in the KNIME Hub.

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