TIBCO Spotfire


This feature was kindly sponsored by AstraZeneca, United Kingdom.


This feature provides TIBCO Spotfire specific nodes that allow the creation of TIBCO Spotfire data files and the visualization of KNIME data tables within TIBCO Spotfire. It uses com4j to establish a connection between KNIME and TIBCO Spotfire.

System requirements

  • 32 bit Windows system
  • TIBCO Spotfire Professional client (TIBCO Spotfire DecisionSite client is not supported)
  • (optional) TIBCO Spotfire Server to add the KNIME hiliting menu in the Spotfire client


  • Install the Spotfire plugin from the KNIME update site
  • Go to the org.knime.ext.spotfire_xxx folder
  • Open the installation folder ('KNIME root folder'/plugins/org.knime.ext.spotfire_x.x.x/installation)
  • Go to the Windows folder and execute setup.exe

You will need Administration rights in order to register the COM interface.


To install the KNIME Spotfire Extension that adds the KNIME hiliting menu to the Spotfire tools menu and context menu (Tools->KNIME HiLite)

  • Deploy the KNIMESpotfireExtension.spk file on your Spotifre server

The file is located in the Spotfire Server folder of the installation folder located in the Spotfire plugin folder ('KNIME root folder'/plugins/org.knime.ext.spotfire_x.x.x/installation/Spotfire Server).


  • Open the Windows Software dialog. Select the KNIME Spotfire COM Bridge and press uninstall
  • Delete the org.knime.ext.spotfire_xxx folder from the plugins folder of your KNIME installation
  • (optional) Uninstall the KNIME Spotfire Extension from the Spotfire server.


In order to change standard settings of the Spotfire node within KNIME such as the location of the temporary transfer file folder go to File->Preferences... open the settings tab KNIME->TIBCO Spotfire.

HiLiting within Spotfire

In order to perform hiliting within Spotfire open the Tools->KNIME HiLite menu from the Spotfire menu or the view context menu.




The examples demostrate the hiliting translation from Spotfire to KNIME and vice versa.