Tell us why you KNIME...

The majority of all decisions are made by listening to trusted friends and colleagues.

KNIME lives because of the KNIME community.  It is the enthusiasm of the community helping to expand KNIME usage that will ensure KNIME Open Source for years to come.

Each of us has a quote to give or a story to tell about KNIME – and we would like to help share that with others.   Maybe it is a simple personal quote “KNIME saves my life in a world of scripts that I do not want to learn!” maybe it is a team success “In our customer insight unit, scoring used to take 2 weeks. Now it only takes 10 minutes” or maybe it is a great story or case study that can be shared.   

We would like you to tell us why you KNIME!  Anything from a quote to a great story or case study is welcome.   Obviously, we would very much appreciate it if you would provide your name and organization, but if you prefer, we can also surface your quote anonymously.  

Even if it is just a few words, please take a minute and tell us why you KNIME:   

On behalf of the entire KNIME community, THANK YOU for your support!

Bernd, Michael, Peter and Thomas – the authors of the first line of KNIME.


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