Telecommunication Operators in Transformation

Advanced analytics for next generation of CSPs.

With advanced analytics, telcos can address the key challenges of the industry: improving customer experience, ensuring data availability, and predictively optimizing network structures.

Predictive Analytics Impact Entire Value Chain

The telecommunications market is changing. Technologies such as AI and IoT are redefining business models. Bandwidth-heavy activities are growing. KNIME is an end-to-end platform that gives telcos the predictive analytics and automation at scale they need to realize the new potential in this market.

  • Advanced analytics for improved customer care/churn prediction 
  • Process optimization and automation across all revenue streams/flexible deployment on the edge and in cloud
  • Machine learning for predictive maintenance of networks and capacity planning
  • Automated financial analysis for rapid evaluation and project planning

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Typical challenges for CSPs

  • Expensive and non-flexible legacy software stacks
  • High costs of infrastructure (IT and network)
  • New standards in seamless online experience
  • Connecting customers to work, school, family, healthcare
  • Management of unstructured data

Requirements to meet new market standards

  • IT stacks that are affordable, easy to maintain, cloud savvy, and able to integrating broad and complex software infrastructures
  • Centralized solutions that can access and gather data from multiple data sources 
  • Empowerment framework that supports all stakeholders in the organization 
  • Automation and scaling of tasks and processes

What KNIIME software can deliver

  • Replacement of legacy IT stacks with a platform that is cloud native and leverages open source
  • Tight integration with GCP, AWS, and MS Azure
  • Anonymization techniques for GDPR/data privacy compliant handling of sensitive data
  • Seamless online experience for customers is ensured by predictive maintenance and flexible deployment
  • Automation of financial analysis for fast access to new budget scenarios and quick decision making
  • Low code collaborative tool for rapid change across business units and empowerment
Deutsche Telekom

Optimized predictive planning at Deutsche Telekom

Finance Process Automation of Deviations Analysis

Monthly end closing procedures shortened with automated deviations analysis and commenting solution

Telco in transformation

IoT-based Predictive Maintenance 

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