Successful Data Science Teams with KNIME

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Data Science Team Collaboration KNIME

Free webinar: How KNIME supports secure and repeatable management, deployment, and optimization in the enterprise.

knime_icons_rz KNIME for the individual analyst

KNIME is a tool used and very likely loved by your data analytics team. From ETL to advanced machine learning and visualization, the data scientists and engineers in your team profit from an open platform that connects to all data sources and enables mixing and matching of established and bleeding edge techniques. But KNIME is so much more.

KNIME in the enterprise

This webinar will show how KNIME supports businesses to ensure the management, deployment, and optimization of their data science teams work in a secure and repeatable way.

knime_icons_rz Topics we will be covering include

  • Reusing, sharing and documenting data science

  • Capturing IP and leveraging specialists

  • Future proofing work while ensuring backward compatibility

  • Ensuring repeatability / compatibility

  • Deploying quickly and appropriately

  • Embedding and automating with production systems

  • Empowering business users appropriately

  • Ensuring good governance, compliance and security

  • Exploiting on-prem, cloud, and hybrid options

  • Allocating and controlling costs

Successful Data Science Teams with KNIME
Free webinar: June 9, 2020, 1:30 - 2:30 PM (CDT)
Successful Data Science Teams with KNIME.