Successful Data Science Teams with KNIME

Enable every member of your team with the tools they need

KNIME Successful Data Science Teams Webinar
Data becomes productive when teams collaborate seamlessly across all stages of the life cycle - and back.

One software environment for the entire organization

KNIME Software consists of two complementary tools - KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server - to cover both the creation and production of data science and enables organizations to manage, deploy, and optimize data science in a secure and repeatable way. All stakeholders within an organization can collaborate and make the best use of their expertise.


Data Engineers and Data Scientists

  • Create workflows for everything using an intuitive visual editor
  • Work with code and collaborate with non-coders via native wrappers
  • Produce entirely reusable, sharable and automatically self-documented work
  • Access practically any data source
  • Choose standard or bleeding edge ML techniques
  • Choose from blueprints or build entirely customized

Model and ML Ops

  • Automate workflow execution
  • Streamline getting models deployed to production environments
  • Orchestrate workflows
  • Monitor models
  • Ensure backward compatibility, no migration needed

Business Users and Consumers

  • Deliver insightful reports
  • Surface the right capabilities
  • Collaborate with and empower business experts via Guided Analytics

Financial / Risk Oversight Teams

  • Ensure explainability and interpretability of models
  • Guarantee data privacy, GDPR compliance, and anonymization
  • Manage governance and compliance through metadata mapping

IT Operations

  • Central management and monitoring capabilities
  • OAUTH, LDAP, AD Integration
  • On-Prem or Cloud, scalable, flexible capacity planning, routing, monitoring
  • Flexible cloud and hybrid deployments to meet computing and budget needs

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