Successful Data Science Teams with KNIME

Enable every member of your team with the tools they need

KNIME Successful Data Science Teams Webinar

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Europe / Asia

September 9 at 1:30 - 2:30 PM UTC +2 (Berlin)

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September 9 at 1:30 - 2:30 PM UTC -5 (Chicago)

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Data becomes productive when teams collaborate seamlessly across all stages of the life cycle - and back.

One software environment for the entire organization

KNIME Software consists of two complementary tools - KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server - to cover both the creation and production of data science and enables organizations to manage, deploy, and optimize data science in a secure and repeatable way. All stakeholders within an organization can collaborate and make the best use of their expertise.


Data Engineers and Data Scientists

  • Create workflows for everything using an intuitive visual editor
  • Work with code and collaborate with non-coders via native wrappers
  • Produce entirely reusable, sharable and automatically self-documented work
  • Access practically any data source
  • Choose standard or bleeding edge ML techniques
  • Choose from blueprints or build entirely customized

Model and ML Ops

  • Automate workflow execution
  • Streamline getting models deployed to production environments
  • Orchestrate workflows
  • Monitor models
  • Ensure backward compatibility, no migration needed

Business Users and Consumers

  • Deliver insightful reports
  • Surface the right capabilities
  • Collaborate with and empower business experts via Guided Analytics

Financial / Risk Oversight Teams

  • Ensure explainability and interpretability of models
  • Guarantee data privacy, GDPR compliance, and anonymization
  • Manage governance and compliance through metadata mapping

IT Operations

  • Central management and monitoring capabilities
  • OAUTH, LDAP, AD Integration
  • On-Prem or Cloud, scalable, flexible capacity planning, routing, monitoring
  • Flexible cloud and hybrid deployments to meet computing and budget needs

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