Learn how organizations are using KNIME to make sense of data.

How Teams Use KNIME Across Departments and Verticals

FP&A and Audit Departments

Automate financial analytics in order to remove manual data aggregation and human error.

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Life Sciences Industry

Access, transform, and interact with large amounts of life science data with purpose-built tools.

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FSI and Banking Industry

Transform how business and data teams work to deliver industry-leading financial services.

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Automation & Digitalization
Data Literacy

Driving a Citizen Data Scientist Approach

Since January 2018, the Data Visions Team at Siemens has been developing analytical products to support the Digital Industries (DI) strategy and driv...
KNIME Improving Inventory Management and Accelerating Time to Insight
Data Blending

Improving Inventory Management and Accelerating Time to Insight

Using KNIME to develop an end-to-end automated data wrangling and reporting engine together with Snowflake and PowerBI.
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Predicitve Analytics
Resource Planning

Optimized Predictive Planning with KNIME

From defining the business problem through to modeling and implementation.
Fraud Detection
Machine Learning

Our Journey to ML with a Purpose

Building an anti-fraud profiler to deal with transactional fraud mitigation in the digital interactions between financial institutions and their cust...
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Human Resources
Text Mining

Advanced Job Analytics at Daimler

Using KNIME Analytics Platform to enhance transparency and facilitate active HR development.
Clinical Data
Data Labeling
Life Sciences

Standardizing Clinical Data Labeling and Increasing Speed to Insights

Labeling healthcare data with many different variables including disease, disease stage, tested Biomarkers, method, and results, and standardizing th...
Semantics and Ontologies with KNIME Analytics Platform
Computer Science

Semantics and Ontologies with KNIME Analytics Platform

Extracting and sharing knowledge in a reusable way.
Guided Analytics
Product Management

Recommendation Engine for Retailers

Increase store level sales through better brand portfolio decision making.
Data Analysis
Product Management

Pricing Analytics

Five steps to a long-lasting increase in sales and profit.
Guided Analytics
Product Management

Price Benchmarking

Stay ahead of the competition with automated pricing insights.
Financial Services
Predicitve Analytics

Predicting Stock Value Changes

Monitor stocks of interest, predict changes, and react accordingly.
Ontology Innovation Note KNIME

Medical Record Mapping

Giving practitioners access to the information they need.
Guided Analytics
Human Resources
Predicitve Analytics

Predicting Employee Attrition with Machine Learning

Making better HR decisions and reducing costs.
Guided Analytics
Research & Development

Making Data Science Accessible for Domain Experts and Creating Real Business Value

Giving domain experts the ability to access, view, process, and interact with their data, empowering them in their research to get a better feeling a...
Making Better Product Management Decisions
Data Blending
Product Management

Making Better Product Management Decisions

Staying relevant in the highly competitive tourism industry.