Learn how organizations are using KNIME to make sense of data.

How Teams Use KNIME Across Departments and Verticals

Finance Departments

Automate financial analytics in order to remove manual data aggregation and human error.

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Life Sciences Industry

Access, transform, and interact with large amounts of life science data with purpose-built tools.

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Financial Services Industry

Transform how business and data teams work to deliver industry-leading financial services.

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Manufacturing Industry

Counter the increasing complexity of this industry with collaborative and scalable solutions.

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Marketing Analytics

Gain a single, complete view of the customer, achieve high-precision targeting, and lift campaign ROI.

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Healthcare Analytics

Intervene earlier, personalize treatments, and improve the quality of care with faster insights into patient health.

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Retail and CPG

Know what your customer wants, run a tight supply chain, and identify the most effective promotion strategies.

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Public Sector

Make a difference in the lives of your citizens with faster, better, and more cost-effective decisions.

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Energy and Utility Analytics

Understand consumption patterns, improve production and distribution efficiency, and mitigate emissions. 

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HR Analytics

Recruit, upskill, and retain the right talent, design attractive compensation packages, and improve employee engagement.

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Telco Analytics

Improve network performance and service quality, deliver quality customer experience, and enter new markets and opportunities, all while embracing latest LTE and 5G technologies.

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Guided Analytics
Product Management

Recommendation Engine for Retailers

Increase store level sales through better brand portfolio decision making.
Guided Analytics
Product Management

Price Benchmarking

Stay ahead of the competition with automated pricing insights.
Clinical Data
Data Labeling
Life Sciences

Standardizing Clinical Data Labeling and Increasing Speed to Insights

Labeling healthcare data with many different variables including disease, disease stage, tested Biomarkers, method, and results, and standardizing th...
Anomaly Detection
Financial Services

Anomaly Detection: Detecting Unknown Patterns in Anti-Money Laundering

How Rabobank is building up a data-driven culture using KNIME, and how auditors became empowered to conduct anomaly detection independently.
Inventory Management
Time Series Analysis

Inventory Level Optimization

Achieve the perfect trade-off between inventory costs and service level.
Consumer Packaged Goods
Guided Analytics
Inventory Management

Building a Guided Analytics Inventory Forecasting Platform

Using KNIME to develop a guided analytics application for maintaining inventory and ensuring stock is consumed efficiently.
Data Analysis

An Excel Alternative for Data-Driven Internal Auditing

Moving from Excel to KNIME to automate financial and internal auditing and enable non-experts to work with data independently.

Month-End Closing Procedures Shortened with Automated Deviations Analysis and Commenting Solution

Using KNIME to automate the provision of comments and analyses for monthly closing reports - making the life of a financial controller easier.
Financial Services
Process Mining

Data Analytics and Process Mining within Internal Audit

Using KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server for advanced data analytics, process mining, and guided analytics to empower all auditors.
Data Privacy
Guided Analytics

Customer Data Scoring & Data Privacy Using KNIME WebPortal

Anonymizing and automating credit card data and enabling financial services companies to perform their own self-service analytics while ensuring priv...
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Data Analysis
Drug Discovery

Automation of Physico-Chemical Properties Calculation and Registration using KNIME

The goal of this project was to provide essential information to all medicinal chemists in a timely manner. All scientists, about one hundred people ...
Machine Learning
Risk Analysis

An Automated, Online Loan Application Decision Making Tool made with KNIME

An application to build and validate machine learning models to create an automated online loan application tool. The tool needed to be easy to work ...
Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine for E-Commerce Marketing Campaigns

Automatically generate personalized marketing email campaigns using KNIME and Apache Spark.
Government Administration
Guided Analytics

Digitalization of Government Administration Processes

Developing an efficient government administration by automating processes and reporting for key decision makers.
Data Literacy

Sparking Data Literacy with KNIME and Making Better Decisions

Continental is committed to increasing the data literacy of the entire organization by empowering users in business functions (with no IT or programm...

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