Why HireRight uses KNIME to Increase Accuracy on Background Checks

Rapidly Develop and Refine Workflows

The features and capabilities of KNIME, in comparison to other vendors, better meet the needs of HireRight. For example, the ability to rapidly develop and refine a workflow based on stakeholder feedback is essential for getting functionality into production on a complex platform. The ETL capabilities of KNIME make it easy to interact with databases across multiple technology stacks, and the machine learning capabilities empower the data science team to implement robust processes that would otherwise require significant development resources.

Complex Models made Manageable

KNIME makes it possible for complex models to be created and managed by a single data scientist. It makes large projects like this feasible and manageable with a very small team – what would typically be viewed as a complicated project can now be completed with only a handful of nodes in KNIME Analytics Platform.

No Up-Front Limitations

The free, open source KNIME Analytics Platform allows users across the organization to access the platform without going through a procurement process. On top of this, there are no limits the number of data rows being used in any version, meaning no up-front limitations. This enabled HireRight to build tangible and valuable solutions and helped justify the purchase of KNIME Server, which is an excellent solution for scheduling workflows on a regular basis and at a reasonable cost.

Appreciated by all Stakeholders

From a business perspective, all stakeholders appreciate and value the features that make KNIME stand out from other vendors – particularly the ability to alter the structure of a model quickly and edit workflows in real-time. HireRight also developed connections between KNIME Server and its data centers across the world, making it possible to access transactional and warehoused data regardless of the technology stack.

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