Customer Sentiment Measurement

Evaluate customer pain points to better allocate and manage resources.

The Challenge: Understanding Customer Pain Points

Customer Experience Management (CEM) leaders rely on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction ratings to evaluate customer sentiment. This helps them make better decisions when allocating resources to solve specific issues like reducing pain points. Given some of this data is text-based (such as social media posts), analyzing and drawing insights is a bit more complicated.

The Solution: Text Mining and Guided Analytics

A data science team cleans and prepares the text in a KNIME workflow which is deployed on KNIME Server as a Guided Analytics Application. Here it is made available to the CEM Leader who interacts with the Analytical Application via the KNIME WebPortal. It’s at this point where they are able to derive insights and make decisions.

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Why KNIME Software

Sentiment analysis requires a text mining tool capable of detecting the intricacies of human language. The Textprocessing extension in KNIME Analytics Platform makes this possible. Deploying the resulting workflow as a Guided Analytics Application exposes the CEM Leader to certain, predetermined touch points in the data science process, thereby enabling them to focus on creating more value for their business.

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